Sergio Edgardo García (Chile), CIO ENAMI /

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A native of Argentina, he has lived in Santiago de Chile for 18 years. He was named the best CIO in 2014 by the Catholic University of Chile He is a person with a deep focus on the creation and generation of new ideas, leadership capacity, motivation and stimulation of large work teams with the objective of achieving the vision and the predetermined strategic plan.

He has developed technological transformation strategies in relation to Information management, I have developed different dimensions of Industry 4.0, Technological hyperconvergence, vision analytics, IIOT, robotics applied to the management of the productive value chain. He has worked at the National Atomic Energy Commission (Argentina), at Honeywell he has developed numerous projects between Argentina and Chile, I was CIO of ENAP and currently CIO of Enami He is an Engineer from the UNLP (National University of La Plata-Argentina), graduated with a Master’s Degree in Innovation (Adolfo Ibañez University – Chile), PPD Management Development Program IAE – Argentina and postgraduate degrees in relation to Industrial Automation and Information Technology


How to generate a Technological Innovation Model for a mining company.

In this session, the objective is to propose what is the true value proposition of an innovation area in an industrial company (especially in mining), what are the objectives sought and how to define an innovation management model

What are the design principles and what is the final Innovation Model with:

Strategic purpose, the processes involved, the enabling levels

Additionally, we will seek to answer the following questions:

How can I assess if my organization is ready to begin a transformation?

What are the emerging technologies or trends we should consider in our transformation strategy Organizational culture in transformation management What are the new capabilities that people must acquire?

Cybersecurity and data protection