Salomé Hernández (Colombia), Director of Local SEO Digital Projects, Partoo /

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  • With a degree in Business Administration and a master’s in new technologies from France, Salomé has worked for over 4 years in innovation, entrepreneurship, and digitalization processes internationally. She had the opportunity to start her technology career in Paris, working in Europe’s largest startup hub called Station F in an incubation program. She later specialized in Cloud migration and SaaS technology working in a Fintech startup developing the European market. Currently, Salomé works at Partoo, leading local SEO in Latin America, and has been able to support companies like Pc Factory and Falabella in the region.

  • Conversations that Convert: The Power of Conversational Commerce in a Digital Strategy

  • Summary: Discover why conversational commerce will be key for companies in the coming years and how conversations are changing the customer experience. We will explore how artificial intelligence is transforming the way companies interact with customers, providing personalized recommendations and smoother shopping experiences. Learn proven strategies to turn conversations into conversions and get to know Partoo’s vision for the future of conversational commerce. Get ready to take your digital strategy to the next level!