Rocío Caldi (Argentina), CIO Argentina, Chile & Uruguay, L´Oreal /

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Rocío has more than 10 years of experience at L’Oréal. She currently serves as Director of Beauty Tech for the southern cone, leading the group’s strategic initiatives within the technology area as well as leading, within the group, the Women In Tech program to make visible the role of women in a world historically led by men.

Within L’Oreal, he took on different roles within technology that allowed him to understand the value chain and business processes, in order to look for ways to improve them through transformational projects in Supply Chain and Finance. He also led the SAP Latin America team for two years, improving ways of working and delivering year after year a portfolio of more complex and demanding projects with excellence.

His work transcended borders by leading a diverse team made up of professionals from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Her vision goes beyond organizational limits, since since 2023 she has headed the Women In Tech program for the entire Latin American region. This program not only seeks to talk about diversity and inclusion, but also to help and encourage the growth of women in technology, providing them with training and tools.

Rocío defines herself as a human leader, free of gender biases. She has a strong commitment to inclusion which makes her not only a leader in the corporate world, but also a passionate advocate for change and equality. Graduated from the Bachelor’s Degree in Administration at UNLP (2012), she completed various certifications in technology such as SAP, S/4 HANA, Digital, etc. She lives with her husband Ricardo, although she frequently travels to La Plata to visit her family and childhood friends. Her hobbies are studying oenology, cooking, doing pilates and spending time with her loved ones.


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