Nicolas Pugliese (Argentina), CEO at Lexim Solutions /

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He is the CEO of Lexim Solutions with over 20 years of experience in Argentina, serving as an expert Technology Consultant for the evolution and development of startups and businesses. He specializes in the design and architecture of technological platforms that, powered by specialized talent and AI, enable companies to thrive in the digital world, facilitating sales, processes, and business effectiveness.

His vision and market transformation have allowed him to expand his solutions in Latin America, the USA, and Europe, with over 100 projects completed in more than 50 companies worldwide. Technological challenges are the passion that motivates and leads Lexim Solutions and the diverse workgroups distributed across the continent.

Nicolás is a visionary in the realm of the Digital Revolution and is recognized for his IT expertise and ability to create elite and motivated work teams.


Promps for change: How to react to transformation and retain talent?

We will highlight how integrated teams, comprised of specialized talents and guided by a shared vision of the future, are better equipped to successfully tackle the challenges of today’s technological landscape, empowered by AI. 

Talent has the ability and capacity to CREATE… And in your company, how do you manage your employees? 

The ability to adapt enables us to drive innovation and constantly reinvent ourselves. In these times of redefined methods of work and connection, our attitudes toward technological advancement will determine the course of our evolution as individuals, companies, and society. 

Discover how responding to advancements and disseminating a future vision among talents in companies are fundamental keys to retaining employees and effectively improving results. Because in the world of technological solutions, it’s not just about IT implementation, but about sharing the desire for growth, exploration, and the drive to forge new paths. 

Build teams united by transformation, and together, pave the way towards an innovative future!