MARK MOSS (Silicon Valley, USA), Top 10 Bitcoin & Macroeconomic Educator /

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Mark Moss is a 8 figures serial tech entrepreneur, investor and one of the top Bitcoin, Tech and Macro Economic educators, founder of Market Disruptors, and partner with the Bitcoin Opportunity Fund. He is the host of one of the fastest growing youtube channels Worldwide. His use of history for perspective makes complex subject easy to understand and actionable. 

Mark’s shows reach an audience of over 3 million people per month helping  people Build, Grow and Protect their wealth and Personal Sovereignty in a rapidly changing world.


Understanding the Paradigm Shift of the 6th Tech Revolution

With more than 10 years in research Mark Moss will cover in this conference: 

  1. “Decode the shift from siloed systems to empowered individuals and discover the forces shaping the 6th technological revolution.”
  2. “Untangle the meaning of ‘siloed’ and ‘sovereign’ in the tech world and explore how the 6th revolution challenges the status quo.”
  3. “Dive into the specific technologies experiencing a paradigm shift and understand how they move us from compartmentalization to a more connected future.”
  4. “Uncover the real-world implications of the 6th revolution and gain insights into how it impacts your business and daily life.”

“Leave with a roadmap for further exploration and learn where to find resources to deepen your understanding of the 6th tech revolution.”