Kevin Guerrero Cartagena (Colombia), Global Marketing Technician Bizagi /

#Artificial Intelligence #ModernApplications #LowCodePlatforms

International speaker passionate about innovation, digital transformation, artificial intelligence and new technologies. Kevin Guerrero is an advocate for the latest digital trends such as: Process Automation, Cloud, RPA, Low-Code Platforms, Citizen Developers Revolution, Artificial Intelligence, and Hyper-automation, among others. 

With over a decade of experience in the digital transformation market, Kevin has worked with more than 100 companies worldwide in several industries, including Energy, Financial Services, Technology, Commerce, and Manufacturing. Kevin was responsible for promoting, implementing, and teaching best practices that guarantee organizations’ successful adoption of new technologies. He understands that modernization must always be accompanied by a clear strategy, effective communication, and timely support to achieve the proposed objectives. 

Currently, Kevin Guerrero is the Global Technical Marketing Manager at Bizagi, a leading company in the low-code process automation platform market. He leads relationship management with major global analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, and IDC to position Bizagi as one of the market leaders internationally. Kevin has presented at different events worldwide, such as America Digital, Bintec Fair, Mass Insurance Summit Latin America, DigiConnect and InsTech London.


  • From Prometheus’s fire to Artificial Intelligence

It is possible that we all know the story of Prometheus and the theft of fire from the Gods of Olympus. This act of bravery changed the course of human history, allowing people easy and quick access to something as fundamental as fire. In this conference, we will explore how Artificial Intelligence is democratizing powerful tools, fundamentally transforming the landscape of business operations and application development for everyone.