Juan Santiago (USA), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Santex /
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Juan Santiago is a technology entrepreneur with a distinguished track record in business and startup investment. In 1999, he founded Santex, a technology solutions company based in California, USA, and has served as CEO ever since. 

With a degree in Marketing from the National University of Cordoba, Juan has been an advocate for training local talent, fostering entrepreneurs and promoting the export of technology services in Argentina.

In 2012, he founded Incutex, the first Company Builder of technology startups in Argentina. Some years later, in 2017, he founded Kalei Ventures, a Venture Capital fund based in Silicon Valley, California, where he has actively supported technology startups in Latin America, boosting their competitiveness in the global market.

In addition to his founding roles, Juan is a General Partner at Kalei Ventures, where he contributes his expertise in early stage investing. His influence extends across Latin America, Silicon Valley and London, strengthening the startup ecosystem in the region.

Over the last few years, in 2022, he co-created the Technology with Purpose foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving people’s lives by making a real and positive impact on communities through technology.

He is also an active member of several entrepreneurial organisations, including AmCham Argentina, Endeavor, TEDxCordoba, Córdoba Mejora Foundation and Comunidad Empresaria. 

Juan is committed to inspiring people through technology and innovation.


  • AI: its impact on business, and ethical reflections on its use.

  • Exponential transformation involves rethinking the business model, organizational structure, culture and processes. It is about seeking and exploring new technologies, being one step ahead of the technological vanguards. AI is already changing reality, therefore the discussion is not about technology, but about values and ethics. We should articulate spaces for thinking and working together towards an ethical map on how to use it, to what extent and for what purposes.