Jose Chavez (Chile), Systems Engineer, serves as the CEO at Andean Wide /

#PaymentProcessing #FinancialInnovation

José Chávez is an industrial engineer who graduated from the Alonso de Ojeda University and has emerged as a prominent figure in the Chilean business environment. His career includes a successful period as Commercial Manager at Grupo Baquedano, where he strategically guided innovation, marketing and sustainability.

Since October 2019, José has played an essential role as CEO and founder of ANDEAN WIDE, marking an era in the financial transformation in the southern cone. His leadership has cemented ANDEAN WIDE as the leading platform in collection and payment services, facilitating international expansion for companies, importers and freelancers. With an innovative vision and a determined approach, José Chávez is redefining the financial landscape in the region.


The importance of the payment network in managing digital solutions.