Irving Hidrogo Montemayor (México),Director de inteligencia artificial educativa Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey /


He has worked as a consultant for private industry, carried out collaborations and stays with multiple universities internationally and researched issues of education and educational technology.

He is currently Director of Educational Artificial Intelligence at Tecnológico de Monterrey. Previously, he was Director of Innovation with Emerging Technologies where he led the implementation of blockchain for the issuance of academic credentials, the deployment of educational spaces equipped with virtual reality, the enabling of the Tec Virtual Campus metaverse, among other projects.

He was also director of Innovation of the Rectory of the North Zone, director of the Center for Teaching Development and Educational Innovation (CEDDIE) at the Monterrey Campus and general coordinator of Week I.

He was a teacher in the departments of Science, Mathematics and Computer Science at the preparatory level and Physics at the professional level. He has participated as a speaker and panelist in different forums on educational innovation and emerging technologies in various countries.


Disruption and impact: Driving Artificial Intelligence in Latin America