Fernando A. Godoy (Argentina), LATAM Director – IT Business Relationship Manager at L´Oreal Groupe LATAM /

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Fernando has 9 years of experience at L’Oreal. He currently works as Director of Business Relations for the LATAM area, developing business development strategies through technology.

In his more than 20 years of Technology experience he has been able to work in different markets, among which Software, Medicine, Agro-Industry, Education and Beauty stand out.

As part of his development at L’Oreal, he has led Zonal positions at the American level and Regional positions at the LATAM level, implementing world-class best practices adapted to the organizational culture of L’Oreal and the markets and countries under his responsibility.

Graduated from the Information Systems Engineering degree at UCASAL (2011), he also has several certifications including Scaling Agile to Organization and Agile leadership.


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