Fco Javier Vidal (Spain), Channel Manager at Atlassian /

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Javier is a solutions engineer and technical manager with a strong engineering background and a results-oriented and entrepreneurial mindset.

He had been leading projects that were critical for the future of the organizations, and these projects turned out to be very successful and paved the way to the organizations growth and success.

he has hands-on expertise in multiple IT domains. I am also a PMP and Prince2 certified Project Manager who is used to lead Agile Scrum teams.


The future of work is now. The future of work is now. Atlassian Intelligence in your daily life.

Atlassian Intelligence is transforming the world of work. This conference will discuss the advantages of using this tool to improve productivity, efficiency and team collaboration. Atlassian Intelligence is a powerful tool that can help you work smarter and more efficiently. It’s the future of work and it’s available to you now.