Erika Piirmets (Estonia), Digital Transformation Adviser e-Estonia Briefing Centre /

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As the Digital Transformation Adviser at the e-Estonia Briefing Centre, Erika is an expert speaker in digitisation of public sector services, and advises a broad audience on digital public infrastructure, citizen-centric service design, e-state governance, forward-thinking leadership mindset and more.

Erika is a strong advocate of automatisation and proactive services with an objective to support spreading the Estonian digitalisation experience and creating bridges to form a network of interconnected digital societies based on decades of Estonia’s know-how.


e-Estonia- the most digitally advanced society in the world

Building a digital society: the Estonian dream is to have as little government as possible, but as much as is necessary. Thanks to e-solutions, communicating with the state is fast and convenient, and our country is more effective as a result. Today, we have inspired many nations and businesses to learn from Estonia’s experience and also elevate their services and processes accordingly. Being a pathfinder in many areas, Estonia is the first digital nation in the world with e-residency, first to use blockchain at Government level and an avid innovator and technology adopter. Considering all that, we are open to share the journey – we have built a digital society and we can show you how.