Enzo Zunino (Chile), Country Manager y Commercial Director Ericsson Chile. /

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Enzo Zunino is a civil electrical engineer from Universidad de Chile.  During 1993 and 1994 he worked at Micrológica in charge of programming telemetry systems. A year later, Enzo joined Ericsson, where he has developed his professional career. In 1997 he became a GSM project engineer at Entel.  In 2000 he was assigned to Ericsson HQ Stockholm to return the following year as Technical Director of the Commercial Area.  In 2006 he became Entel Account Manager for Chile and Peru.  Three years later he occupied the role of Sales Director and since 2012 he is Key Account Manager Entel, a position he still holds today.  But also since 2019 Enzo Zunino is Country Head of Ericsson in Chile with 25 years of experience in the Swedish company.


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