Diego González Gamboa (Chile), Founder & CEO Defontana /

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Diego González is a commercial engineer and MBA. Since beginning his career he has been involved in the technology industry. Visionary and pioneer, in 2000, together with his business partner, Marcelo Vásquez, he founded Defontana, the first 100% web ERP in Chile and Latin America. Since then, he has declared himself in love with the Internet and its tremendous potential. Thus, in 2012 it created the first innovation center in Defontana to lead the digital transformation in Chile and Latin America. Today, Defontana, with 30% of the SaaS marketshare in Chile, has more than 35 applications integrated into its ecosystem and has operations in Peru, Colombia and Mexico. In addition, it has been distinguished as Best Managed Companies Chile by Deloitte on six occasions.


  • How inventories managed with AI make your business profitable

Defontana is the first 100% web Business Management Ecosystem that incorporates a new tool based on Artificial Intelligence, a commercial assistant always available to anticipate sales, predict trends and better connect with customers.

With a predictive model that uses historical data, such as sales and tax documents, the solution can help SMEs and large companies make their inventory control more efficient and thus improve their sales in the future. The AI ​​platform is already being used by 300 Defontana clients and has received various recognitions, such as the Itzamná México 2023 Innovation Award, presented by the National Chamber of the Electronic Industry, Telecommunications and Information Technologies, CANIETI.

With Defontana IA you don’t wait for the future, you create it.