Daniel Losada (USA), Vice President of International Sales Hughes /

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Daniel Losada, Vice President of International Sales at Hughes, is an electronic engineer with a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering, specializing in Communications from the University of Illinois (USA), and a certification in Business Administration and Management from Stanford University (USA). He is a member of the general board of the Antonio Nariño University in Colombia.

He has delivered keynote speeches at various telecommunications industry events around the world, such as the SIA Congress, MilCIS, Global MilSatCom, Global VSAT, AfricaCom, ARABSAT, Satellite Show, and AUSA. Losada has authored publications specialized in analysis of the ICT and telecommunications industry for several reference media outlets, such as Milsat Magazine, Microwave Journal, Special Operations, IEEE Journal, and National Defense, among the most prominent.

Losada has over 20 years of experience in different Executive, Commercial, and Advisory fields in the satellite and wireless communication technology development and implementation industry. He has addressed topics such as the design and development and implementation of strategic applications and systems in that industry, up to global sales management. His knowledge of the complete life cycle of satellite technology makes him one of the main global sources of information and advice on connectivity projects, as well as a reference for leaders in the satellite community in the public, industrial, and military sectors. In his current position at Hughes, he leads the deployment of communication equipment and satcom solutions and services worldwide.


Satellite Internet: a key player in the communications industry and a support in disaster preparedness

Natural disasters, as well as catastrophes of the magnitude of earthquakes or forest fires, require effective communication both for rescues and to coordinate actions against these types of events. In that sense, the availability of satellite services is vital to deliver reliable support and provide help to those who need it, connecting first responders from a wide range of agencies, allowing the dispatch of personnel to the area and the coordination of the numerous . services necessary for reconstruction. Satellite technology provides a reliable and effective solution for backup communications, especially in situations where ground infrastructure may not be sufficient or may be compromised.