Cristian Álvarez (Chile), CEO & Product Manager Bombé Soluciones Internacionales /

Cristian has taken on the leadership role in the challenge of promoting AnyDesk’s regional presence, delivering to the market specialized technical support that stands out as unique in the region. Focused on ensuring the alignment of telecommuting practices with regulatory requirements and implementing effective methods to remotely assist employees of companies and government entities in challenging geographical and technological environments. All backed by fast, reliable, and secure connections.

Since 2019, part of BOMBÉ Soluciones, catering to the market in Chile, Bolivia, and Peru in cybersecurity matters and IT consulting. In 2020, AnyDesk Software initiates a collaborative relationship with BOMBÉ with the mission to promote in the southern cone the use of fast and secure remote connections for monitoring activities, IT support, and telecommuting.

In 2022, AnyDesk Software appoints BOMBÉ Soluciones as its exclusive distributor for Chile, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

Business Administrator with a postgraduate degree in Business Digital Transformation and ICT from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Possessing 9 years of experience addressing business issues in ICT, specializing in digital transformation culture, cybersecurity, and remote connections.


Beyond Boundaries: Remote Access Redefining Possibilities in Digital Transformation