Ariel Viñas (Argentina), CEO & Co-Founder Craftech /

#CloudComputing #DevOps #PaaS

Ariel Viñas, CEO and Co-Founder of Craftech, is an outstanding figure in the technology industry, recognized for his decisive role in digital transformation and his close collaboration with AWS.

As a pioneer and visionary, he has brought Craftech to the forefront of the industry, as well as founding SleakOps, an innovative platform as a service for AWS. With a deep commitment to the Cloud world, its focus on excellence and agile practices has redefined the DevOps culture, fostering agility and collaboration between teams of different sizes. Ariel not only inspires change and continuous improvement, but also guides organizations towards success in the digital age, becoming an indispensable reference in the business and technological field.


Digital Transformation: Simplifying Operations with PaaS

Join us to explore how PaaS (platform as a service) is redefining the way businesses build, scale and secure your cloud infrastructure. We will discover how advanced technologies are driving cost optimization, agility and security in the development of web services and applications. In addition, we will address the advantages of the DevOps culture in the software development and deployment process.

We will discuss how a well-implemented DevOps culture can significantly improve performance, reduce time to market for products and services, and foster greater collaboration and efficiency across the organization.