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For  C-Level, decision makers, managers in Innovation, Digital Transformation, IT, Business Development, Marketing, Sales, e-Commerce, AMERICA DIGITAL BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE is the most efficient/effective way to schedule pre-coordinated meetings under specific objectives with VPs and Experts from tech companies that can help you with the transformation of your business or contact potential partners.

4 Main benefits to participate in AMERICA DIGITAL BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE:

  1. Time, Cost and Logistic saving as each executive participating in the Business Roundtable potentially can have up to 16 meeting during 7th October. If, for example, your company registered 3 executives, it could potentially have up to 48 key meetings in one day, which under other circumstances would take weeks of traveling.
  2. Extend your commercial network, get to know other industry players and connect with potential partners and clients.
  3. Establish contact with key industry companies and professionals that in other way would be difficult to reach.
  4. Catalyze your business in the Chilean and Latin American market.

The Business Roundtable America Digital  is coordinated according to the profiles and objectives of each executive, through a specialized software that generates a meeting agenda for each participant, each executive participating in the America Digital Business Meetings  will have to do an analysis of the companies with whom wish to meet, preview to meeting confirmation under specific objectives.

Each Business Executive ticket, gives the right to participate in the America Digital Business Meetings on October 7th  from 9:00-19:00 to have 25 minutes meetings, with 5 minutes breaks between each meeting. For this reason, your company, for each professional registered will be able to have potentially 16 meetings. In This way, if you register 2 professionals, you could have up to 32 meetings, and if you signup 4 executives, up to 64 meetings.

Nevertheless, is important to clarify that we cannot guarantee that you will have this amount of meetings, because the objective of America Digital Business Roundtable is to coordinate key meetings, being the coordination of these meetings  subject to a counterpart willing to meet with the members of your company under a clear objective. The people of your company that participate must be decision makers.


Company employees without decision making capabilities will not be accepted. The Business Roundtable America Digital is between directors, CEO, top executives, managers or heads of divisions.

Participation at Business Roundtable America Digital requires a Business Executive ticket for each executive, which gives you the right to registrate at Business Roundtable, Expo Digital, Expo Conferences, the 7 Specialized Latam Forum, International Seminar and Closing Party.