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C-Level Digital Banking & Fintech Forum

Join the Fintech, Banking and Financial Services digital transformation leaders around the Americas.

Be part of the digital banking and fintech ecosystem to share experiences and trends in:

What new technologies are transforming the way to transfer money and do payments?
Digital Wallets, P2P, B2B Payments systems.

How are the APIs reinventing financial services?
Mobile first banking? Mobile first costumer?

Main threat in cybersecurity in financial services towards 2021?
What emerging technologies can help us to prevent frauds?

What are the best practices, technologies and tactics to capture, nurture, convert and retain customers in digital banking and financial services?
Uncover how banks, insurance companies, financial services organizations are using CRM, Big Data, UX, AI, CRM + Social to deliver automated and personalized digital financial products to end customers.

How blockchain will shape the future of financial services?
Is blockchain the main solution to internet biggest problems? #Trust #Identity #Privacy #Security #Inclusion.

How regulation must update allowing innovation in Financial Services, but in the same time protect the users.

• C-Level Digital Banking & Fintech Forum you will learn about the applications of the Blockchain technology, its impact on banking transformation, challenges in IT security, mobile banking, new digital payment systems, IA applied to financial services, the impact of social networks in banking.

• You and your team will share experiences with the main Fintech companies that provide cutting-edge solutions to banks and financial institutions in Latin America, USA, and Europe, discovering success stories to apply in your organization.

Observe new rules, a new game, new technologies, new suppliers, new players, new consumers, technological innovations and new business models that are challenging and transforming digital banking.

• Digital Banking America Digital, Fintech Innovation, Digital Payments, AI, Blockchain, Big Data, Mobile, Cloud, Social, e-Commerce and its impact on digital banking, insurance and financial services.

• You will talk with CEOs, CDOs, CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, CMOs, and C-level executives from the banking sector, fintech and international experts on how to face these challenges to evolve towards a digital banking that satisfies consumer demand.

Watch in this video testimonials and why participate C-Level executives from the Banking, financial and fintech industries (Scotiabank, BBVA, Citibank, Bice, Bancolombia, Banamex, Visa, Mastercard, Fiserv, Fis, Principal, Sura, Metlife, Amazon, Google, Consensys, Banco Do Brasil) Buy Tickets


  • April 10th
    Day 1
  • April 11th
    Day 2
  • International Seminar
  • Digital Banking & Fintech
  • IA&Digital Transformation A
  • IA&Digital Transformation B
  • Expo Conferences
08:00 am - 08:50 hrs
Accreditation & reception

09:00 - 09:55 hrs
Presidency Inauguration

10:00 - 10:40 hrs
e-Estonia- the most digitally advanced society in the world
Erika Piirmets (Estonia)
Digital Transformation Adviser e-Estonia Briefing Centre
#E-stonia #DigitalSociety #e-Government

10:40 - 11:25 hrs.
From Siloed to Sovereign: Understanding the Paradigm Shift of the 6th Tech Revolution
Mark Moss Top 10 Bitcoin & Macroeconomic Educator
#6thTechRevolution #Bitcoin #Sovereignty

11:30 - 12:10 hrs.
The Transformational Power of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI)
Jorge Andrés Sierra Jurado (Chile)
Customer Engineer AI/ML Google

12:15 - 12:55 hrs.
Entrepreneurship in modern times: talent and innovation to make a difference
Top 10 Entrepreneurs and Leaders Chile / Top 35 Activist CEOs LATAM
#Innovation #Emprendimiento #BelieveInChile

13:00 hrs.
1 to 1 Meetings and Home Specialized Forums

14:00 - 14:15 hrs.
Opening C- Level Digital Banking & Fintech Forum

14:15 - 14:55 hrs
Industry and Customers, protagonists of change.
Claudia C. Heimpell Novella (Chile)
VPE Customers, experience and quality Banco Santander
#Customers #Santander #Experience #Transformation

15:00 - 15:40 hrs.
Unlocking the Next Generation of B2B Banking: Trends and Innovation Landscape
Juan Bello (Argentina)
Business Head GlobalLogic Latinoamérica
Pablo Alvarez (Argentina)
Director Engineering GlobalLogic

15:45 - 16:25 hrs
The changing face of ATM ownership and management
David Dove (USA)
Executive Vice President and President, ATM Managed Services BRINK’S
#DigitalBanking #Financial #Partnership

16:30 - 17:10 hrs.
Conversational Banking: The New UX Frontier
Sebastián Galli (Uruguay)
CPO Hikko
#CustomerSupport #Banking #AI

17:15- 17:55 hrs.
Panel: Main challenges and opportunities that banks face in their digitalization by 2030
Claudia C. Heimpell Novella (Chile)
VPE Customers, experience and quality Banco Santander.
José Eliseo Ramírez (Costa Rica)
Director Software Solutions & Digital – Latam, Central America Scotiabank
Mats Wensioe (Chile)
Transformation & Automation of Processes Manager Banco BCI
#DigitalBanking #DigitalTransformation

18:00 - 18:40 hrs.
Networking 1 a 1

18:40-19:00 hrs.
Closure of Day 1 – C-Level Digital Banking & Fintech Forum

14:00 - 14:15 hrs
Inauguration C-Level Forum AI & Digital Transformation A

14:15 -14:55 hrs
From Prometheus’ Fire to Artificial Intelligence: The Democratization of Technology.
Kevin JosE Guerrero Cartagena (Colombia)
Tech Marketing Manager Bizagi
#InteligenciaArtificial #AplicacionesModernas #PlataformasLowCode

15:00 - 15:40 hrs.
Beyond Boundaries: Remote Access Redefining Possibilities in Digital Transformation
Cristian Álvarez, (Chile)
CEO & Product Manager Bombé Soluciones Internacionales
#AccesoRemoto #TransformaciónDigital

15:45 - 16:25 hrs
The transformative power of digital identity in the aviation industry.
Ricardo Gadea (Chile)
CEO Assertiva SA
Claudia Pino (Chile)
Head of Security Latam Airlines
Emiliano Saccani (Argentina)
Access Management Project Leader Assertiva
#IGA #IdentidadDigital #GestiondeAccesos

16:30 - 17:10 hrs.
Strengthening Resilienceience
Juan Ernesto Landaeta F (Chile)
Juan Ernesto Landaeta F Chief Technology Officer GTD
#ResilienciaGtd #Multicloud #Ciberseguridad

17:15- 17:55. hrs
Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI): From Initial Impact to Sustainable Practice in Business
Eynar Espinoza (Chile)
Solutions Engineer Director Cloudera

18:00-18:40 hrs.
Augmented development, the new role of the developer. Does it exist?
Mauricio Amaro (Mexico)
CIO / IT Corporate Director Grupo IAMSA
#DigitalTransformation #Cibersecurity #CyberAIAnalyst

18:45 - 19:25 hrs
Networking 1 a 1.

7:25 pm - 7:30 pm
Closing C-Level Forum Day 1.

19:25 - 19:30 hrs
Closing C-Level Forum AI & Digital Transformation A – DAY 1

14:00 - 14:15 hrs.
C-Level Forum Transformación Digital  B Opening

14:15 - 14:55 hrs
Zoho CRM: The Comprehensive Command Center for Business Success
Diego Ávila Acevedo (México)
Regional Manager Zoho
#ZohoLatam #Zoho #ZohoCRM

15:00 – 15:40 hrs.
Drive innovation: mindset and tools for business transformation.
Maria Fernanda Laverde (Chile)
Territory Manager Google Cloud LATAM
#Innovación #GoogleCloud

15:45 - 16:25 hrs.
Promps for change: How to react to transformation and retain talent?
Nicolás Pugliese (Argentina)
CEO Lexim Solutions #Innovation
#AI #TalentoIT #StaffAugmentation

16:30 – 17:10 hrs.
From Endpoints management to employee digital experience management (DEX)
Cristian Alberto Rey Moreno (Colombia)
ITSM Technical Consultant ManageEngine
#UEMS #DEX #ManageEngineLATAM #DigitalExperience

17:15 – 17:55 hrs.
Security awareness training, a key element to strengthen human defense.
Nicolas Keeble (United States)
Enterprise Manager LATAM. KnowBe4
Victoria Liz Ferrara (Argentina)
Project Manager and Functional Consultant Assertiva SA
Luis García Delgado (Panama)
Senior Information Security Officer. Liberty Latin America
#HumanFirewall #SecurityCulture #Awareness

18:00 – 18:40 hrs.
Artificial Intelligence in Health: present and future perspectives.
Jaime de los Hoyos Moreno (Chile)
Head Department of Biomedical Informatics Clínica Alemana de Santiago.
#IA #Salud #NuevasFormasAtención

18:45 – 19:25 hrs.
Networking 1 a 1

19:25 - 19:30 hrs.
Closing C Level Forum IA & Transformación Digital B – DAY 1

14:00-14:15 hrs.
Expo Conferences Inauguration

14:15 –14:55  hrs
Cyberattacks: Reality is stranger than fiction – Introducing Nexa Cybersecurity Guardiane
Marcos Quezada Chief Business Development Officer Nexa
Marcos Quezada (Argentina)
Chief Business Development Officer Nexa
#CiberResiliencia #SeguridadEnLaNube #PrevenciónCiberataques

15:00 – 15:40 hrs
XM Cyber: From Vulnerability Management to Continuous Exposure Management
Marcus Pinheiro, LATAM Regional Director, XM Cyber
#CTEM #ExposureManagement #XMCyber

5:15 pm - 5:55 pm
L’Oréal Beauty Tech: Technologies Shaping the Beauty of the Future
Rocio B. Caldi (Argentina)
CIO Argentina, Chile & Uruguay L’Oréal
Fernando A. Godoy (Argentina)
LATAM Director – IT Business Relationship Manager L’Oréal Groupe LATAM
#BeautyTech #Loreal #Innovation

16:30 – 17:10 hrs
The value of data under the new wave of technology.
David Ceron (México)
Director Sales – LATAM Hitachi Vantara
#HitachiVantara #HitachiExperience

17:15 - 17:55 hrs.
Conversations that Convert: The Power of Conversational Commerce in a Digital Strategy.
Salomé Hernandez (Colombia)
Director of Local SEO Digital Projects, Partoo.
#ComercioConversacional #ExperienciaDelCliente #InteligenciaArtificial

18:00 - 18:40 hrs
Omnichannel and customer experience: The digital strategy of
Pablo San Martín (Chile)
Regional E-commerce Manager
#Omnicanalidad #Apps #EstrategiaDigital

18:40 - 19:00 hrs.
Closing Expo Conferences Day 1

  • Digital Banking & Fintech
  • C-Level 5G, IoT & Telco Forum
  • IA&Digital Transformation A
  • IA&Digital Transformation B
  • Expo Conferences
8:30 - 9:00 hrs
Accreditation & Reception.

9:15 - 9:55 hrs
Networking 1 a 1

10:00 - 10:40 hrs.
How Corporate Venture Capital and Startups Create Transformative Alliances
María Cecilia Martínez Martabid (Chile)
CVC Principal BICE
#VentureCapital #Startups #Alianzas

10:45 - 11:25 hrs
Second Report on Central Bank Digital Currencies.
Alberto Naudon Dell ‘Oro (Chile)
Director of the Central Bank of Chile
#DigitalCurrencies #Regulation #BancoCentralChile

11:30 - 12:10 hrs.
Identity as the primary security control
Gustavo Feldman (Argentina)
Senior Executive LATAM Okta
#IAM #SecureIdentity #Passwordless “

12:15 - 12:55 hrs.
The Right Friction: How does a multidimensional scheme facilitate trust to improve conversion in digital channels?
Rafael Estrada (Chile)
Senior Advisor Identity Management Solutions TransUnion Latin America

13:00 - 13:40 hrs.
Bitcoin and the New Global Monetary Order.
Mark Moss (Silicon Valley, USA)
Top 10 Bitcoin & Macroeconomic Educator

15:00 - 15:40 hrs.
The importance of the payment network in managing digital solutions.
Jose Chavez (Chile),
Systems Engineer, serves as the CEO at Andean Wide#Procesamientode
Pagos #InnovaciónFinanciera

15:45 - 16:25 hrs.
Movement of Money at the Speed ​​of Life.
Oscar Muñoz (USA) Commercial Vice President, Las Americas Euronet Worldwide
#FuturoBancario #EvoluciónDel Dinero

16:30 - 17:10 hrs.
AI as a key Fintech enhancer for the development of the digital ecosystem.
Sergio Loredo Foyo (Mexico)
CEO and Founder AlquimiaPay
#PaymentMedia #AlquimiaPay #FinancialInclusion

17:15 - 17:55 hrs.
Panel Challenges in Fintech and Digital Payments in LATAM
Lucas Damián Patanó (Chile)
Innovation Manager BiceCorp
Rafael Gago (Chile)
Chief Experience Officer ProFintech
Rodrigo Quijada (Chile)
Country Manager Kushki
Rodolfo Grela (Uruguay)
Vicepresident of Fintech Iberoamérica
#Insurtech #DigitalInsurance

18:00 - 18:40 hrs.
Networking 1 a 1

18:40 - 19:00 hrs
C-Level Digital Banking & Fintech Forum Conclusion.

8:30 am - 9:00 am
Accreditation and Presentation

9:15 - 9:55 hrs.
Industry 4:0 How to generate a Technological Innovation Model for a mining company.
Sergio Edgardo García (Chile)
#Minería #IIOT #IOT #Industria4.0

10:00 - 10:40 hrs
Unleashing innovation: The power of cNaaS in telecommunications.
Arturo Sánchez Contreras (México)
Head of Business Unit For LATAM XIUS
#MobileNetworks3G4G5G #VirtualMobileOperators #IMSSSolutions #CoreNetworkTechnology

10:45 - 11:25 hrs
Private Wireless network for Industries – A closer look
Prajith Dhanapalan, (USA)
Head Of Solutions And Private Network XIUS
#RedesMoviles3G4G5G #OperadoresMovilesVirtuales #SolucionesIMS #TecnologíaCoreRedes

11:30 - 12:10 am 60 Years of transformation: The evolution of Entel and the future of business connectivity
Delia Lazarte
Market Manager Network and Data Solutions Entel Companies Chile
#LeadersInConnectivity #60YearsOfHistory #EntelEnterprise

12:15 - 12:55 hrs.
Satellite Internet: a key player in the communications industry and a support in disaster preparedness.
Daniel Losada (USA)
Vice President of International Sales Hughes Hughes
#Hughes #InternetSatelital #ComunicaciónDeRespaldo


13:00 - 13:55 hrs.
Networking 1 a 1.

14:00 - 14:40 hrs
The Impact of Geolocation Services in 5G and its Commercial and Emergency Services Use Cases.
Javier D’Agostino (Argentina)
Director of Sales for Latin America SS8 Networks
#5G #Geolocalización

14:45 - 15:25 hrs
Urgent solutions with emerging technologies
Luis Adrián Salazar (Costa Rica)
Former Minister Telecommunications Costa Rica & IA Committee Leader ALETI
#EmergingTechnologies #ITSolutions

15:30 - 16:10 hrs
The Messaging Revolution: Adaptation, Fraud. Protecting users and maximizing Revenue in the Digital Age.
Juan Felipe Santos (Colombia)
VP Strategic Partnerships Americas Vox solutions
#A2P #UserProtection #AI

16:15- 16:55 hrs
Integrating the South American satellite ecosystem
Alejandro Guerra ( Colombia)
VP of Sales Connectivity Latin America & Caribbean Eutelsat OneWeb
Alejandro Escobar (Colombia)
,Sales Director Connectivity South America Eutelsat OneWeb
#conectividad #Satélite #leo

17:00 - 17:40 hrs
Panel: Challenges and opportunities in innovation and digital transformation of Telco’s to 2030
Martín Tripodi (Argentina)
Marketing and Business Intelligence Manager Telecom Argentina
David Nieto Herrera (Chile)
Country Manager Telefónica Tech Chile
#Telcos #TransformaciónDigital

17:45 - 18:25 hrs.
5G Panel: The Future of Connectivity for Industry 4.0 and the Digital Ecosystem in the Region
Luis Abello Daza (Chile)
Director, 5G&Edge Engineering Leader Kyndryl
Francisco Pardo (Chile)
Head of Sales South Cone, Nokia
Enzo Zunino (Chile)
Country Manager y Commercial Director Ericsson Chile.
#IIOT #Industria4.0 #5G

18:30 - 19:00 hrs.
Closure- C-Level 5G, IoT & Telco Forum

8:30 am - 9:00 am
Accreditation and Inauguration C-Level Forum day 2.

9:15 - 9:55 hrs.
Networking 1 a 1

10:00 -10:40 hrs.
Managing ««figital»» maturity in the transformation process.
Gerardo Gozzi (Chile)
Head of Digital Transformation LATAM / Iron Mountain
#IronMountainLATAM #TransformaciónDigital #AmericaDigitalChile

10:45 - 11:25 hrs.
GenAI in Action: Transforming Data into Strategic Decisions for Businesses.
Mariano Urman (Argentina)
Sales Engineering Director LATAM Microstrategy
#GenAI #analytics #DataDriven

11:30 - 12:10 hrs.
How low-code is transforming the digital experience.
Marco Mendoza (Chile)
Manager Liferay

12:15 - 12:55 hrs.
Data-driven culture. How innovation in technology can leverage operational excellence.
Andres Luna (Chile)
Eduardo Burgos (Chile)
General Commercial Manager of ARKO
Leandro Calcina (Chile)
Chief Data Officer CENCOSUD
#DataDrivenCulture #IAgenerative #TrustAdvisor

13:00 - 13:55
Networking 1 a 1.


14:00 -14:40 hrs.
Networking 1 a 1.

14:45 - 15:25 hrs.
Safety and Innovation in the Cities of the Future: Pathways to a Safer and More Accessible Urban Environment
Marco Alexandre Moniz Branco (Brazil)
Regional Business Development Manager SONDA
#SmartCities #InnovationChampsSonda

15:30 - 16:10 hrs.
TIVIT & Google Cloud: transforming the digital future in the cloud.
Felipe Vallejos (Chile)
Cloud Operations Director TIVIT LATAM
Marcelo Norambuena (Chile)
IT Corpesca Project Manager
Alfredo Villarroel (Chile)
FSR Corporate Google
#TIVITt&Google #Cloud #TIVITChile

16:15 -16:55 hrs.
Using Artificial Intelligence in the personal data protection compliance.
Daniel Osaq (Brasil)
Partners and Alliances Director, Latin America BigID
Juan Pablo González Gutiérrez (Chile)
Head Data&Privacy, Assertiva.
#AISecurity #DataTrust #DataPrivacy

17:00 - 17:40 hrs
From the frontlines: what does Generative AI mean for organizations and where to begin?
Alejandro D’Andrea (Chile)
CTO Falabella
#GPT #IAGenerativa #AplicacionesIA

17:45 - 18:25 hrs.
Panel Challenges and opportunities of digital transformation in the retail industry.
Mauricio Álvarez (Chile)
Chief Product Officer Cencosud
Alejandro D’Andrea (Chile)
CTO Falabella.
Erick Quirarte Fernández (Chile)
General Manager Oxxo Chile
José Carlos Ibarra Orozco (Mexico)
Director of the CEO Training & Network Community Program Tecnológico de Monterrey (Moderator)

Closing day 1 – C Level Forum Digital Transformation A.

08:30 - 09:00 hrs.
Accreditation and Inauguration C-Level Forum B, day 2.

9:15 - 9:55 hrs.
Networking 1 a 1

10:00 -10:40 hrs.
Empowering Efficiency and Security in the Cloud Era
Anique De Nadai (Brasil)
Channel Manager Latam & Brazil AnyDesk Software
#RemoteAccess #AnyDesk #RemoteSecurity

10:45 - 11:25 hrs.
AI: Addressing Challenges and Adopting Trends towards an Innovative and Secure Future Pedro A. Suarez (United States)
Director of Sales Cloudflare Latin America
#Cloudflare #SecureAI

11:30 - 12:10 hrs.
Talent and Customer Obsession – How to Deliver the Best CX
Fernando Castillo (Argentina)
Proserve Manager LATAM Cloudhesive
#Cloudtalent #Cloudhesive #InnovaciónEnLaNube

12:15 - 12:55 hrs.
Remote administration and support in times of teleworking.
Ronny Ibarra Ovalle (Chile)
Commercial Sales Manager Asus Chile
#RemoteManagement #SecureTelework

13:00 - 13:55 hrs.
Networking 1 a 1

14:00 -14:40 hrs.
Networking 1 a 1

14:45 - 15:25 hrs.
Empathy Amplified by AI: The New Horizon in Customer Experience.
Mauricio Giraldo (Colombia)
Latam Solutions Director Genesys
#AI #CustomerExperience

15:30 - 16:10 hrs.
Future-Proofing Your Operations: Embracing Virtualization at the Edge for Scalability and Innovation.
Jason Hyatt (USA)
GM Americas and President of Sales Telco Systems
#TheConnectedEdge #EdgeComputing #EdgeCloud

16:15 - 16:55 hrs.
Secure and Efficient Digital Transformation with Open Source
Juan Pablo Noreña (Colombia)
Cloud Field Software Engineer Canonical Ubuntu

17:00 - 17:40 hrs.
The Future of Talent in the Era of AI.
Borja Castelar (España)
Author | Trainer | Instructor Linkedin Learning
#IA #SoftSkills #FutureJobs

17:45 - 18:25 hrs.
AI and Blockchain: emerging technologies to improve e-government.
Erika Piirmets (Estonia)
Digital Transformation Adviser e-Estonia Briefing Center
#Blockchain #IA

18:30 - 19:00 hrs
Closing – C Level Forum AI & Transformación Digital B – Day 2

8:30 - 9:00 hrs.
Accreditation and Reception.

9:15 - 9:55 hrs.
High-performance engineering teams at scale
Luis Darío Simonassi (Argentina)
Co-Founder & CEO NullPlatform
Gabriel Eisbruch (Argentina)
Co-Founder & CTO NullPlatform
#DevPlatform #FastAtScale #EnforceByTheTool

10:00 -10:40 hrs.
How inventories managed with AI make your business profitable.
Diego González Gamboa (Chile)
Founder & CEO Defontana
#DefontanaIA #IAPara todos #DefontanaLatam

10:45 - 11:25 hrs.
The future of work is now. The future of work is now. Atlassian Intelligence in your daily life.
Juan Pablo Gorgati (Argentina)
Brand Manager Atlassian, TSOFT
Fco Javier Vidal (Spain)
Channel Manager Atlassian
#AI #Work #Bot

11:30 - 12:10 hrs.
Innovation in the era of Generative AI.
Nelson Martinez Filho (Brasil)
Strategic Business Development Manager LATAM Adobe
#GenerativeIA #Adobe #AdobeFirefly

12:15 - 12:55 hrs.
AI: its impact on business, and ethical reflections on its use.
Juan Santiago (USA)
CEO Santex.
Carlos Alfredo Díaz Ospina, Líder de la unidad de Data Center del Grupo ZFB.
#TechnologyWithPurpose #TheSantexTeam

13:00 - 13:40 hrs.
Automated service management of tomorrow today!
Ricardo Vidal (Chile)
Regional Consulting Manager Mainsoft
Andrés Caviedes (Chile)
Country Manager InvGate
#InvGate&Mainsoft #ServicesDesk #GestiónAutomatizadaDeServicios

14:00 -14:40 hrs.
Networking 1 a 1.

14:45 - 15:25 hrs.
Hyperautomation and Gen AI with Servicenow
Nahuel Daniel Perez (Argentina)
GRC Manager at Assertiva SA
Daniel Brochado (Brasil)
Head of Specialist Solutions Consulting, Latam ServiceNow
#PutAItoWork #ServiceNow

15:30 - 16:10 hrs.
Disruption and impact: Driving Artificial Intelligence in Latin America
Irving Hidrogo Montemayor (Mexico)
Director of educational artificial intelligence Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey.

16:15- 16:55 hrs.
Digital Transformation: Simplifying Operations with PaaS.
Ariel Viñas (Argentina)
CEO and Co-Founder Craftech Craftech
#CloudComputing #DevOps #PaaS

17:00 - 17:40 hrs
Secrets of Successful Digital Transformations
Manish Kapoor (USA)
CEO and Founder of Advatix | CEO of Growth Catalyst Group
#DigitalTransformation #SupplyChainOptimization #CXOinsights

17:45-18:25 hrs
Networking 1 a 1.

18:25 -19:00 hrs
Closing day 2 – Expo Conferences