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C-level Forum , CEOs, CIOs, CMOs CTOs Forum

Meet with CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, CFOs from the largest 1000 corporations around the Americas: Retail, Tourism, Financial Services, Media, Mining, Life Sciences, Government and Education, seeking the digital transformation.

Global Experts deliver strategic keys for:

  • Digital transformation of enterprises.
  • Main Technological Trends that CEOs, CTOs, CMOs must have present.
  • Migration of companies to the Mobile era. Challenges of CTOs and / or CMOs?
  • Capture and retain of talent in the digital age.
  • How to face the 5 business megatrends, Big Data, Mobile, IoT, Cloud, and Social. How business and how we work will be transformed?
  • Union of technology, communications and marketing in the era of Digital Marketing.
  • Digital Marketing as a generator of qualified leads. The era of Inbound Marketing.
  • Social Media Strategy in Corporations, its use in Social Selling, Business Intelligence, Customer Support and their integration with Customer Relationship Managament (CRM) processes. Optimization and increase of Conversions on the online channel.
  • How to survive to the fast technological change? Adapt or die? Digital Business Models and Transformation.
  • Innovation, Innovation Management, and how to take advantage of the Startup Ecosystem?


  • 05 July
    Day 1
  • 06 July
    Day 2
  • Digital Bank Forum
  • Latam Telco Forum
  • C-Level Latam Forum
  • IoT & Smart Cities Forums
  • Latam e-Gov Forum
  • Venture Capital Forum
  • Conferences Expo
08:00 hrs - 08:45 hrs Accreditation and Reception

09:00 hrs - 09:55 hrs Presidency Opening Remarks

10:00 hrs - 10:30 hrs Presentation
What is coming? The fourth industrial revolution. Its impact on traditional industries, emerging industries, governments and society. How to be prepared to stay competitive?

10:30 hrs - 11:00 hrs Presentation
From the Internet to the Internet of Production, its impact on the traditional industries and economies of countries such as Mining, Agro-food, Utilities, Manufacturing, Governments and Society.

11:00 hrs - 11:45 hrs Presentation
Welcome to the Age of Sharing Economy, how to use Sharing Economy techniques to improve my organization's business model. Cases of success and failure.

11:45 hrs - 12:30 hrs Presentation
Blockchain and Disruption Disruption: Airbnb without Airbnb; Facebook without Facebook; Uber without Uber. Applications in Banking, Insurance, Fintech, Services, Utilities, Energy and Governments.

12:30 hrs - 13:00 hrs Presentation
Building the Economy 5G

13:00 hrs - 13:30 hrs Presentation
Top 10 INNOVATION worldwide generated by the integration and application of the 4 digital mega trends IOT, BIG DATA, AI, Sharing Economy that is transforming our society.

13:30 hrs - 15:00 hrs Networking Lunch

16:50 hrs - 17:25 hrs Presentation
Use of Open Innovation Methodologies by Banks to integrate the Start Ups Fintech ecosystem. The case of Caixa. (Global Banking Innovation Award).

18:00 hrs - 18:45 hrs Presentation
Advances in Payment Technology: IoT Payments, Mobile Sales Points, B2B Digital Payments, (VISA-GEMALTO).

15:00 hrs – 15:55 hrs Panel of Presidents and General Managers of Banks.
Challenges and Opportunities of Banking in the Digital Age (BBVA, Santander, Scotiabank, Bancolombia, Citybank, Silicon Valley Bank).

16:00 hrs - 16:45 hrs Presentation
Blockchain and its profound impact on Banking, New Business Models of Financial Services, Human Freedom and Governments.

17:30 hrs - 17:55 hrs Presentation
Cognitive Intelligence, Big Data and Analytical Case Analysis used in customer profiling to increase productivity in financial services. (Microsoft).

18:45 hrs - 19:00 hrs Closing Day 1 – LatAm Digital Bank Forum


15:30 hrs -15:55 hrs Presentation
How to Innovate by merging Cognitive, Analytical, Mobile, IoT Intelligence to surpass user expectations and add value?

16:00 hrs -16:45 hrs Presentation
Cyber security and Mobile Security: Prevention of damages in an era that demands greater security given Mobility, Cloud and increase of connected devices.

17:0 hrs - 17:25 hrs Presentation
Mobile Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AI) practical applications to the Retail Industries, Entertainment and Traditional Industries.

17:00 hrs - 17:25 Presentation
Business Mobility Management and Bring Your On Device Policies

17:30 hrs - 18:00 hrs Presentation
CLOUD SERVICES: Accelerating Digital Transformation, Case Studies of Cloud Migration in Large Corporations in Latin America

18:45 hrs - 19:00 hrs Closing Day 1 – C-Level Latam Forum

15:00 hrs – 15:25 hrs
How to Innovate merging Cognitive, Analytical, Mobile, IoT Intelligence to surpass user expectations and add value? (IBM).

15:00 - 19:00 PM
Level -1, Room III

15:00 hrs - 15:25 hrs Presentation
The IOT Business, how to develop a viable and monetizable IOT business models

15:30 hrs - 15:55 hrs Presentation
Improving Security in IoT for Practical Industrial Applications

16:00 hrs -16:25 hrs
Presentación del Plan de Automatización y IoT de CODELCO al 2020, Marco Orellana CIO Award de Codelco.

16:30 hrs - 16:55 hrs
Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics and IOT applied to solving real problems of the society generating Smart Adopters Early Adopters. Iván Paez, CEO KAPPO, Top 10 Worldwide Innovation used by Governments of Spain, Denmark, France and Chile to improve their cities.

17:00 hrs – 17:25 hrs
Smart City and the Marketing of Cities, Beyond Technology, Enrique Ruz (Spain), "Father" of the Smart Cities.

17:30 hrs - 18:00 hrs Presentation
Transforming How People, Business, and Things Connect

18:00 hrs – 18:45 hrs Presentation
Light Beyond Lighting: When each Light Point is connected and capable of receiving data from the Internet of Things (IoT) opens up a world of unexplored opportunities to generate more sustainable buildings and cities.

18:00 - 18:25 hrs
Lecciones aprendidas con Codelco Digital.
Proceso de gestación de la estrategia denominada “Codelco Digital”, que tiene como finalidad digitalizar los procesos “core” de la minería y junto con ello generar una cultura proclive a la digitalización e innovación continua en CODELCO. Se repasará la forma en que se gesta y estructura esta estrategia, proyectos emblemáticos que se han desarrollado y aquellas lecciones que se han rescatado de este proceso tanto en lo referido a la tecnología como la cultura y los desafíos que CODELCO Digital impone en un horizonte 2018 – 2022. Marco Orellana CIO Award, Codelco.

15:00 - 19:00 PM Level -1, Room IV

8:00 – 8:45 hrs Presentation
Presentation of the Modernization Plan to 2020 of the Chilean Government in its 4 Strategic Pillars: Implementation Enabling ICT Tools, Improved Inter-institutional Coordination, Simplification and Digitization of Procedures, Simplification and Digitalization of Digital Government Procedures, Standards and Regulations

15:30 hrs - 15:55 hrs Presentation
Case of Success of using Big Data and Migrating to the Cloud in a Government Entity

16:00 hrs - 16:45 hrs Presentation
Panel of Public Services Directors present their progress and Digitization projects by 2020.

17:00 hrs - 17:25 hrs Presentation
Presentation of the Cybersecurity Plan of the Government of Chile, opportunities for companies providing cybersecurity.

17:00 hrs - 17:25 hrs Presentation
Presentation of the report of Digital Economy of Chile, Gaps and Challenges. George Lever, Director of Digital Economy Studies Center, Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS).

17:30 hrs - 18:15 hrs
Panel of the Ministers on charge of the Modernization of the State in LatAm

18:45 hrs - 19:00 hrs
Closing Day 1 – E-Government Forum

15:00 - 19:00 hrs
JULY 5th, 15:00 - 19:00pm, “DON EDMUNDO” SALON (LEVEL 2)

15:00 - 15:45 hrs
Start-ups; Knowing to raise Venture Capital and/or Angel Investment and the best practices to structure a funding plan for your company.
Alejandro Cremades (NY, USA), “The art of Start-up fundraising” best-seller author, CEO 1000 ANGELS.
The fundraising art; from presenting investment proposal to closing successful deals.

15:55 - 16:55 hrs
Investment rounds; investment proposal from fast growing start-ups.

17:00 - 17:25 hrs
Coffee Break & Networking; closing gaps among investors, business men and entrepreneurs.

17:30 - 18:30 hrs
Silicon Valley as a global platform; How to build up local HUBs in Chile & LATAM and how to integrate them with in the Silicon Valley ecosystem.
International and regional experiences and case of studies.
Ronald Weissman (Silicon Valley, USA), Band of Angels Chairman, APAX Partner, VC & Angel Investor.

18:40 - 19:30 hrs
Close Day 1 – Venture Capital Forum
Closure & final speeches.

15:00 hrs - 19:00 hrs Level -1, Room V

15:00 hrs - 15:25 hrs Presentation
Drones and its Industrial application in Mining, Agroindustry and Construction.

15:30 hrs -15:55 hrs Presentation
Digital Signage applied to retail industry

16:00 hrs -16:45 hrs Presentation
Smart Cars

17:00 hrs – 17:25 hrs Presentation
Smart Homes

17:30 hrs - 17:55 hrs Presentation
New Technologies of Holograms.

18:00 hrs – 18:45 hrs Presentation
3D printing, the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

18:45 hrs -19:00 hrs Closing Day 1 – Conferences Expo

  • International Seminar
  • Digital Bank Forum
  • Latam Telco Forum
  • C-Level Latam Forum
  • IoT & Smart Cities Forums
  • Latam e-Gov Forum
  • Venture Capital Forum
  • Conferencias Expo

08:00 hrs– 08:45 hrs Accreditation and Reception 

09:00 hrs - 09:25 hrs Presentation
Accelerating financial inclusion: Generation of a model of high impact banking inclusion through digital technologies.

09:30 hrs - 09:55 hrs Presentation
Evolución de dinero móvil en América Latina (Mahindra- Comviva).

10:00 hrs - 10:30 hrs Presentation
Patrick Newbery: The future of Business is Design.

10:30 hrs - 10:55 hrs Presentation
Analysis of the Bank 100% Mobile Number26. (Germany)

11:00 hrs - 11:45 hrs Presentation
Scotiabank Digital Transformation Program in the Americas Presentation.

11:50 hrs - 12:25 hrs Presentation
Opportunities and Success Cases for the optimization of Bank Banking Processes. Strategic and Operational Keys to Consider, including security elements. (Deloitte).

12:30 hrs - 12:55 hrs Presentation
Monetize and Protect your banking Web traffic through segmentation, profiling by Big Data and fraud prevention. (NETSTAR).

13:00 hrs - 13:30 hrs Presentation
Challenges and technical considerations in IT Security in Banca Mobile (ESET).

13:30 hrs - 15:00 hrs Networking Lunch

15:00 hrs - 15:45 hrs Presentation
Monetization of Big Data in the Insurance Industry, Case Study.

16:00 hrs - 16:25 hrs Presentation
mMoney This session will focus on the latest developments in mobile payments, digital wallets, highlighting partnerships with Telcos Operators and key players in the Fintech ecosystem. (Telefónica-Visa - Gemalto).

16:30 hrs - 16:55 hrs Presentation
Neuromarketing applied to bank web usability.

17:00 hrs - 17:25 hrs Presentation
The FinTech Effect and the Era of Banking Disruption, Marco Cavallo (Brazil), Advisor FIBA Y FELABAN.

17:50 hrs - 18:25 hrs Presentation
The Future of Digital Payments.

18:30 hrs - 19:00 hrs Presentation
The future of mobile payments and Mobile eCommerce. Integration with the Fintech and Telco systems.

08:00 – 08:45 hrs Accreditation and Reception 

09:00 hrs - 09:25 hrs Presentación Inaugural, Agenda Digital 2020.
Rodrigo Ramírez Pino, Subsecretario de Telecomunicaciones del Gobierno de Chile.

09:30 hrs - 10:25 hrs Panel Armonización y Desafíos Regulatorios en América Latina.
Rodrigo Ramírez Pino, Subsecretario de Telecomunicaciones del Gobierno de Chile y Presidente de REGULATEL.

10:30 – 10:55 hrs
Presentación Transformación digital de los operadores Telcos: El caso Telefónica Chile.

11:00 hrs - 11:55 hrs
Presentación de normativas de monitoreo de la velocidad mínima y de la calidad de servicio de Internet: Desafíos y oportunidades para los operadores Telcos.

12:00 hrs – 12:25 hrs Presentation
Presentación Innovaciones en las Comunicaciones a través de Satélites.

12:30 hrs - 12:55 hrs Presentación GPUs en la Infraestructura de Telecomunicaciones y mejora de tareas para procesos en Telcos.
Michael Kaplan, Senior Manager, Telecommunications and Media & Entertainment, NVIDIA.

13:30 hrs - 15:00 hrs Networking Lunch.

15:00 hrs - 15:55 hrs Panel América Latina
Desafíos y oportunidades para la industria Telco al año 2020.

16:00 hrs -16:25 hrs Presentación Construyendo la economía digital:
5G y su Impacto en la economía digital Latinoamericana. José Luis Ayala, director de relaciones de gobierno e industria para América Latina, Ericsson.

16:30 hrs -16:55 hrs Presentation
GSMA Intelligence on the mobile economy in Latin America and the Caribbean

17:00 hrs -17:55 hrs Panel CIO’s Telcos:
Liderando la transformación digital.

18:00 hrs - 18:25 hrs Presentation
Uso de Cognitiva y Big Data aplicado a las necesidades de Transformación Digital de Operadores Telcos.

18:30 hrs - 19:00 hrs Presentation
Presentación Caso de éxito Cloud para Telcos.

8:00 – 8:45 hrs Accreditation and Reception 
Level -1, Room I

9:00 hrs - 9:45 hrs Presentation
The Role of the CIO in the transformation of the Business, practical cases of CIOs who have applied Big Data & Analytics for the transformation of their businesses in the areas of Retail, Banking, Finance, Services and Tourism.

10:00 hrs - 10:25 hrs Presentation
Methodology and Best Practices for the migration to the Cloud of Operational Processes in the Mining, Industry, Manufacturing, Agrofoods, Utilities, Services sectors.

10:30 hrs - 10:55 hrs Presentation
Study Case of incorporation of Big Data, IoT and Cloud in the Digital Transformation of Latin American Companies

11:00 hrs - 11:45 hrs Presentation
How to successfully migrate to a Mobile Channel? Strategic and operational keys

12:00 hrs - 12:25 hrs Presentation
Use of the platforms of Amazon and Alibaba to maximize the export of Latin American companies.

12:30 hrs - 12:55 hrs Presentation
Future of mobility and efficient logistics in the 4th Industrial Revolution applied to the optimization of electronic commerce.

13:00 hrs - 13:30 hrs Presentation
Next Generation in eCommerce: What's Next? Conversational e-Commerce: Integration of payment technologies, chat, virtual assistance, around the generation of customized conversational / transactional platforms for consumers.

13:30 hrs - 15:00 hrs
Networking Lunch

15:00 hrs - 15:25 hrs Customer Service in Latin America in the digital age, best practices and trends
Alex will share how companies are innovating to serve better their customers, global and in Latin American in customers support trends and the best ways to manage and create good relationships with your customers. He will also share insights from IDC Latin America studies.

15:30 hrs - 15:45 hrs Presentation
Modern Marketing: Discover how brands like; Falabella, Cencosud, Almacenes Paris, Banco BCI, VISA, Mastercard, L'oreal, Mercedez Benz, Unilever, BBVA, Banco Santander, Scotiabank, Johnson & Johnson and Roche are using new technologies, methodologies and tactics to revolutionize the way That MARKS interact with their consumers. Integrating its IT, Innovation, PR and Marketing departments.

16:00 hrs - 16:25 Presentation
Marketing CMO: Be human first in a digital world. Together with CMOs from leading global brands we will discuss the impact of technological changes on creativity and marketing.

16:30 hrs - 16:55 hrs Presentation

17:00 hrs - 17:45 hrs Presentation
Social Selling Methodology for Corporations and Large Companies, such as increasing your sales productivity over 20% through LinkedIn.

17:50 hrs - 18:25 hrs Presentation
Analysis of the 10 best strategies of Inbound Marketing. Best practices and lessons learned (Hubspot).

18:30 hrs - 19:00 hrs Presentation
How to position your business or eCommerce in the first places of Google this 2017? Mobile optimization, migration to HTTPs, AMP, structured dialing ... with Aleyda Solis, TOP 10 Forbes Digital Expert.



09:00 - 19:00 hrs
JULY 6th, 9:00am - 19:00pm, “DON EDMUNDO” SALON (LEVEL 2)

08:00 - 08:45 hrs
Credential receptions

09:00 - 09:25 hrs
Investors; how and when to invest in Start-ups?
How to invest in the next Google, Facebook, Uber with a ROI>10?
Speaker; Alejandro Cremades (NY, USA), “The art of Start-up fundraising” best-seller author, CEO 1000 ANGELS.
Alejandro will give to the public the best VC/AC industry practices and trends in investment portfolio management, due diligence, deals, investment procedures, exit strategies, board member governance and finally, practical case studies.

10:00 - 10:55 hrs
Chilean, LATAM and Global VC Panel; Opportunities and Challenges in the capital risk industry in Chile and LATAM.
Moderator: Francisco Gúzman, Carey Abogados Partner & Chilean Venture Capital Association Director.
Max Grekin - Managing Partner Mountain Nazca.
Andrés Meirovich – Managing Partner Genesis Ventures.
Pablo Traub – Managing Partner Manutara Ventures.
Ximena Henriquez – Operations Manager Alaya Capital.
David Alvo – Country Manager NXTP Labs.

· Experiences in VC investments in LATAM-based start-ups.
· VC ecosystems; Chilean reality compared to abroad.
· Current lacks and challenges in Chile and LATAM.
· Foreign VC funds and their contribution to the local LATAM ecosystem.
· Collaboration or Competition among the VC funds?
· A regional insight; global or local investments?
· CORFO and its central role; Incentives and obstacles in the VC ecosystem.

09:00 - 19:00 hrs
DÍA 2 · 6 JULIO, 10:00-19:00 hrs NIVEL -1, SALÓN V.

08:00 hrs - 8:45 hrs Acreditation y Reception

09:00 hrs - 9:25 hrs
Data Science and Digital Transformation (Big Data) applied to real cases of the financial industry, insurance and services at the local level. Bernardo Aldea, CEO Kudaw.

12:00 hrs - 12:25 hrs
SSD (Solid State Drives) changing our lives with innovation, Douglas Wallace (Miami, USA). Manager Latam PureStorage

15:00 hrs -15:45 hrs Presentation
Partner Program INFOBIP

16:30 hrs -16:55 hrs Presentation
How to generate Hypnotized Advertising campaigns on Facebook to promote your business and its integration with Facebook eCommerce to increase your sales.

17:00- hrs - 17:45 hrs Presentation
Use Twitter influencer strategies to generate high-impact viral campaigns that position your business.

17:50 hrs -18:25 hrs Presentaction
New Paypal services available to Latin American companies to optimize their sales processes.

10:30 hrs - 10:55 hrs
Strategic and Operative keys for digital Transformation in Telcos and Utilities

10:00 hrs - 10:25 hrs Presentation
Israel Tavares “Automatización de un Gobierno Operacional a través de la Arquitectura Empresarial”.

11:00 hrs – 11:45 hrs Presentation
Partner Program, Mega International (France) Digital Transformation

12:30 hrs - 12:55 hrs
Internet of Things (IOT) applied in the national industry: the way to advance in efficiency and productivity. Analysis of customer success stories. Rodrigo Martinez, General Manager Redd Systems.

13:00 hrs – 13:30 hrs Presentation
Case of success of migration to CLOUD of a Government Entity.

13:30 hrs -15:00 hrs Networking Lunch

16:00 hrs -16:25 hrs
Rethinking trends, business, media and communication, Marcelo Montefiore (Argentina), CEO GLOBAL MIND

18:30 hrs -19:00 hrs Presentation
How to design a high impact permission email marketing campaign and improve the conversion of email campaigns. Analysis of main platforms available.