Virginia Alvarez Roldan (Argentina), Head of Business Design at Baufest /


Virginia Alvarez Roldán has been Head of Business Design for Baufest since February 2020. In her current position, she is in charge of managing the Customer Experience and Business Transformation team in Peru, Chile, Mexico, Argentina and the United States.

His main role is to make sure that each project he undertakes is able to interpret the needs of customers and consumers, and then design digital products and create service strategies effectively. He studied Business Administration and Systems at ITBA. His career has always focused on marketing strategies, but in 2015 he traveled to New York to complete a Masters in Design and Strategic Management at Parsons, The New School for Design.


A step in the right direction: towards an accessible digital environment

The world is changing and we are entering more and more into the digital age where we face new challenges. The internet and the development of new technologies started the evolution of consumer behavior; now they are alert and more aware.

Thinking accessible is more vital than ever if we want to build a more inclusive experience and expand our reach. But what is Digital Accessibility? This term refers to the software design and programming conditions that, considering the characteristics of the devices we have and the connectivity aspects, consider the largest number of types of users, scenarios and devices of potential uses. Its main objective is to favor the autonomy of all people.

When it comes to developing digital products, digital accessibility is a necessary dimension to be more efficient and for our product to reach everyone.

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