Raúl Palacios (Chile), Gtd Multicloud Solutions Director /

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Senior executive with extensive experience in the Global IT industry.  During his 20+ career experience, he´s been managing IT&Cloud related high complexity projects and technology integrations, working with with heterogeneous teams, in Americas, UK, Europe and Asia, mainly focusing on strategy, development, and delivery for large Cloud deployments (Public, Private & Hybrid) for Large Enterprises and organizations.

Palacios is also actively engaged in the global quantum computing community. He´s the president for OneQuantum Chile chapter and is candidate for MSc in Quantum Computing at Polytechnic University of Madrid.


Cloud Computing: lever of digital transformation and the coming technological revolution

As a tool of technological trends, cloud computing is a service and operation model from the base and crosses the digital transformation, internet of things or even DLT/Blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), metaverse (Augmented Reality) and quantum technologies.

These systems use the cloud as a lever for adoption and mass use, since it is a way of operating and serving in a world that is crossing a turning point, which has been accelerated after the coronavirus pandemic in axes such as climate , demographic and geopolitical. In this presentation we will see the characteristics of technological disruption in this field, no longer as something futuristic, but as a factor that will soon be part of the mainstream.

The advance of the cloud recalls the development of important advances, such as the space or technological race, and its amplifying capacity (of opportunities and challenges) permeates all areas of our daily life, while gaining followers in the world to address the updating of encryption standards and secure communications, to be prepared when current formats are vulnerable to quantum computing.

The challenges of the future, without a doubt, will be given by cloud computing as the fundamental enabler of progress.