Pedro Vidal, Corfo Strategic Program: Santiago Smart City /

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Pedro Vidal is a Computer Engineer and Master of Information Technology from the Federico Santa Maria Technical University (UTFSM).

For almost 20 years he worked in the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications in various areas such as traffic control and management, feasibility studies, technological implementation and sustainable mobility development as manager of the Smart Cities Unit of the Ministry of Transport.

Today Vidal leads and coordinates the actions of Corfo Smart City program, raising projects in the areas of environment, security and mobility under a prism of collaboration between different actors, such as social organizations, unions, academia, business and public sector, to specify initiatives that address the multi-systemic challenges of a city like Santiago, always prioritizing the citizen needs.

Features and progress of Corfo Strategic Program Santiago Smart City, in its 2nd Year of Implementation.


Santiago is the second smartest city in Latin America according to IESE Cities in Motion Ranking 2018, due to several factors that stand out, such as its ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation, competitiveness, urban development and connectivity.

Santiago Smart City Program it’s a public-private program promoted by CORFO and supported by the Government of Santiago. The Program has three strategic axes: Mobility, Security and Environment and seeks to promote the efficient use of the city’s resources, strengthen the ecosystem of innovation and technology around Santiago Smart city.

The program promotes the service industry and human capital around Smart cities and promote the export of services. This program has stimulated the development of projects aimed at making progress in sustainable mobility, urban freight transport, mobility enterprises, the promotion of waste management in the areas of tires, batteries and lubricants, as well as security projects aimed at reducing crime in public spaces, and the development of an integrated control center for the city.