Paolo Delano (MÉXICO), Presales Engineer Neo4j /


Paolo is a presales engineer for LATAM. He began his career as a technology consultant focused on development, strategy, and architecture. Later he moved to the financial sector where for 8 years he was implementing projects, designing architecture for applications, and leading analytics projects using graphs. Paolo has the professional and graph data science certifications by Neo4J, IASA Foundations, Cobit, and Application Developer by Microsoft.


How to solve modern business problems with graph technology and data science:

  • Fraud detection and money laundering
  • End-to-end visibility in the supply chain
  • Retail Recommendation Engines

The rigid model of a relational database, with complex queries and excessive JOINs, cannot handle today’s challenges presented by a hyper-connected world. Relationships are at the core of these new demands. In this way, they must drive everything that is done in a business: from recommendations, customer 360, customer onboarding to fraud detection or machine learning. The native graph approach makes sense of complex networks and drives innovation, bringing new services from prototype to production.