NICOLAS URENA (CANADA), Director of Global Expansion, BIG BANG /

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As Director of Global Expansion, Nicolas manages the strategic development and implementation of international expansion plans, from start to launch. He played a major role in Big Bang’s expansion into Latin America, and London. Nicolas also ensures steady and harmonious communication between Big Bang and new partners to bring flawless customer experience to new markets. Due to the nature of his role, he is always on the lookout for new partnership opportunities that will allow Big Bang to grow continuously. 

Nicolas started as a consultant and quickly made his way to his role as Director, thanks to his hands-on approach, determination, and his adaptability to any project. He has many years of experience, is an ENACTUS (hyperlink: alumnus and has a proficiency in IT. His global experience has him working with clients and partners in French, English, and Spanish.


Finally Get Your Digital Transformation Approved: 

How to Sell Your Project to Internal Stakeholders and Make your Team Happy 

Do you have the intention to optimize your operations and improve your KPIs, but you have yet to secure the budget and resources necessary to make it happen? Join Nicolas Urena, Director of Global Expansion at Big Bang, the leading cloud ERP implentation firm, for a session on how to show the true value that an investment in the right systems and technology architecture. At the end of the session, you will be empowered to get started and to get the approval of your organizations stakeholders. Say goodbye to red tape and hello to a team of happy employees who are able to work more collaboratively than ever!