Miguel Palencia (Shanghái, China) CIO QTUM /

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CIO QTUM Foundation – Singapore/Shanghai
Former CTO VeChain – Singapore/Shanghai

Software engineer. He has 16 year’s experience in software development, 5 year’s experience in blockchain technology in which he has undertaken several proof of concept platforms and projects as well as block explorers & mining pools. He is a Former CTO of VeChain, and currently is an integral part of QTUM Foundation as the project’s CIO.

How QTUM will strengthen connected devices security and increase privacy.

• By harnessing the power of Smart Contracts, we can record sensor data while taking advantage of Blockchain’s unique data immutability feature which increases security by protecting against data duplication or malicious entries.

• Each device can be autonomous, Blockchain technology allows us to do this, with the new x86VM Qtum will introduce a new way of building and executing smart contracts which will be smaller, faster and more efficient, making them a perfect fit for embedded devices with limited resources.

• With decentralization, we can ensure further IoT devices stability as there’s no single point of failure as it occurs with a centralized server controlling all devices.

• Traceability, with Blockchain we can have full and detailed historical data of every connected device.

• IoT devices can communicate with each other through the blockchain, eliminating 3rd parties, increasing stability, speed and security.

• Blockchain transactions are highly encrypted by design, this can only help to increase IoT devices security.