Mercedes Crego (Holanda) PhD, Head Open Innovation EMEA, SIGNIFY (ex- Philips Lighting) /

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Dr. Mercedes Crego Calama is currently the Head of Open Innovation EMEA & LATAM in SIGNIFY (Philips Lighting). Main responsibilities are structuring the Open Innovation activities including scouting for breakthrough technologies, partnerships and venture capital.

Prior to joining Philips Lighting, she worked in the Dutch Polymer Institute as Program Area Coordinator. From 2006 until 2012 she worked as Program Manager & Sr. Principal Scientist at imec-nl/Holst Centre in the Netherlands. At imec Mercedes had also several senior leadership positions including general management of the Low Power Wireless Sensors and Energy Harvesting groups.

Mercedes has held different scientific/Professorship positions at Universities in Spain, USA and The Netherlands. She is author of more than 150 publications in highly rated scientific and technical international journals, 18 patents and 8 book chapters. Mercedes won several awards and prices among which Best Professor in the Chemical Engineering Faculty, Twente University, Netherlands and the Young Lecturer Award in the Royal Society of Chemistry, University of East Anglia, England.

Delivering Meaningful Innovation in the IoT. A world of opportunities when each point of light is connected to internet

After moving from traditional lighting to LED, the Lighting industry faces the next challenge which is digital lighting. Lighting poses an especially attractive infrastructure in the IoT space. Emphasis is placed on exploring actual open innovation initiatives within Philips Lighting which is key to unlock the full potential of digital lighting and IoT at high speed.

Signify (Philips Ligjting) is developing connected lighting systems to explore the IoT empowered products and services beyond illumination. Strategy, challenges and success stories will be shared.