Mark Bonnell (Canada), Modyo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) /

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Mark is the CEO of Modyo, which provides a platform that powers the digital experiences of financial institutions across Latin America and the US, including current clients such as Santander, Bci, Banco Itau, Banco Bice, Banca Mifel, Consorcio, LarrainVial, SBS Seguros, Invex, CFG, and more. He spearheads a future vision of how large financial organizations can transform their approach to the building and management of their digital channels.

Further, as a Canadian by birth, Mark has joined a small group of entrepreneurs to have successfully built a growth software company from scratch, that today is a leader in its domain in a major technology hub in Latin America. This comes with its own unique benefits and challenges, but more than anything, as an international business leader based out of Chile, it lends him a unique perspective on the world of technology, and specifically regarding how large financial organizations and enterprises are changing the way we experience everything digital. Mark also serves as a Director of the Canadian-Chilean Chamber of Commerce promoting healthy economic and cultural relationships between Canada and Chile.


Accelerating and Future-Proofing Financial Experiences

The financial industry is undergoing tremendous digital change, with important decisions being made on how best to harness the talent, resources, and technology available in the market in order to drive innovation, transform and build better digital financial products.

Decisions today stand to have a much greater impact on tomorrow, and the only constant is change. So, how do you evolve? How do you change? Mark offers a three-pillar framework of Acceleration, Evolution, and Ecosystem that can anchor your thinking where these concepts intersect, and lead to decision making that future-proofs and accelerates the financial experiences of your organization.