Marco de la Hoz (Chile) Deloitte, Cyber security challenges in smart cities /


Marco de la Hoz is a cyber-security specialist, with expertise in the management of cyber vulnerabilities as well as the development and implementation of cyber strategies for security operation centers.

Marco has worked for clients such as Colbún, Codelco, CIBC Bank, Air Canada, Loblaws, Toronto Stock Exchange, Red Cross Canada amongst many others. For the last few years, Marco has acted a key member of Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Center, specifically working in mitigating business risk for over 30 clients.

Cyber security challenges in smart cities

As Smart Cities and new IoT devices emerge every day, new risks, threats and vulnerabilities arise. This situation is being exploited by cybercriminals to carry out sophisticated attacks never seen before. This produces changes in the global panorama of cyber threats and new challenges for organizations, governments and individuals.