Leonardo Bracco (Argentina), Executive Director CloudHesive LATAM /

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Leonardo Bracco is an Argentine architect graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires. He has been working developing companies for private equity funds and family business for the past 12 years.

Previously, Leo served as Commercial Director of Bracco Orlando Bracco Arquitectos working on projects throughout the region and as Executive Director of Fanal Desarrollos, a real state development company, based in Asunción. 

In 2017, he has become Executive Director of CloudHesive LATAM with the challenge to integrate and develop operations in LATAM and opening new markets for CloudHesive. 

CloudHesive, AWS Premier Partner, is a private capital company created in 2013 in Fort Lauderdale, USA, with the mission of providing cloud services. It is currently one of the leading companies in the industry with 13 years of experience in the business.

The company stands out for being a cloud solutions consultancy, as well as a multi-vendor of managed services with a focus on security, reliability, availability, and scalability of the cloud serving more than 100 clients in LATAM helping them reduce their operating costs and to increase your productivity.

Leo has been the head in the LATAM operations, focused in develop and integrate a green field market to an US Operation with a growth 100% year to year.

During 2021, CloudHesive has been funded by Strattam Capital, a US based fund focused in tech companies. Focus for 2022 and 2023, they will consolidate the process and operations in LATAM, opening a new office in Bogota in third quarter of 2022. Today, they have offices in Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile, and they are attending customers from Argentina, Paraguay, Chile Ecuador and Peru.

During this year, the main challenge for Leo and his team is to become a reference as a MSSP Level 1 Partner. LATAM team has been working hard to consolidate their Support Super Power bringing customers in an affordable and secure MSSP Model to get them operations to the next level. With a ProServe focus, they are working on the professional Services Team to reach 75 cloud engineers and developers by the end of the year. They also have DevOps, Architects, Developers and Data Team.

The last month, CloudHesive just acquire Dextr Cloud, a tool that is focused in Contact Centers, using connect as a base technology. This movement is aligned to the consolidation of 4 years working in the Conctact Center Space.

Leo has a great passion for innovation and art and his main hobby is painting.  During his career, Leo won the second prize in the National Urban Ideas Contest, an award issued by FADU of the University of Buenos Aires of the GCBA, for his “Parque de la Innovación” project in 2016.


Talent ReBolution and thinking Before the cloud

One of the biggest challenges we face is no longer choosing digital transformation, that is a stage overcome, today our biggest challenge as a company is to be able to travel more efficiently our path to innovation.

Pre-pandemic talks were focused on digital transformation, today it is a fact, the pandemic forced us to move to the digital world, today´s focus is on how to provide the best user experience at the digital level. To differentiate yourself you have to work on the UX, which forces us to innovate

For these, it is essential to choose partners who have enough talent to manage cloud services and maintain the infrastructure while we focus on improving the UX to be more competitive. And this is where we find the industry’s first big problem: the little real and in-depth knowledge that exists about the cloud and its tools. In this conference we will talk about how to build the processes to be able to better walk the path to innovation, how to develop and assemble the fundamental pillars and the management of the talent necessary to maintain it.