Kam He (USA), Director of Solutions & Consulting, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence /

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Kam He is the Director of Solutions & Consulting at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Americas where he leads the digital transformation team, working with large enterprises and local partners by leveraging Alibaba ecosystem to empower and enable client digitalization in the areas of New Retail (Omni Channels & AI-empowered Supply Chain Management), Fintech and Manufacturing for North America and LATAM markets. 

Kam has over 25 years of experience in consulting and operations in North America. Prior to joining Alibaba Cloud, he was Sr. Director at an EV company in Silicon Valley, driving IT and business innovations including connected and autonomous cars, digital R&D and smart manufacturing. Kam also served as Enterprise Solution Architect at Ernst & Young, and Sr. Principal Consultant at Oracle. 

Kam holds an MBA from Babson College in Boston, MA.


Modernizing Your Business and Managing Change with Cloud in the Era of Digital Transformation

Many businesses today have already embarked on the journey of digital transformation. In the race against unpredictable business changes, the question businesses often face is, are we ready to embrace the changes brought through the digital transformation? The answer in general lies in how to most effectively use data, and make insightful decisions leveraging the power of cloud.  

If you are facing similar challenges and seeking answers to those questions, please join us to have a discussion with Alibaba Cloud. Kam He, Director of Solutions and Consulting at Alibaba Cloud International, will share Alibaba Cloud’s strategy, approach, and solutions to specific customer problems in the era of Digital Transformation.

A good example is the rise of e-commerce in retail in recent times. The continued rise of e-commerce has significantly changed the priorities of the retail industry in such a way that has forced retailers to put an emphasis of their resources to multi-channel strategies. And the problems of fragmented data and customer experience usually exacerbate this. Alibaba’s retail packaged solution has epitomized the power of Alibaba Cloud to transform retailers multi-channel strategies to omni-channel ones, and empower them with the ability to increase revenue and save costs. 

Cloud Native Architecture is what gives Alibaba Cloud the needed flexibility for domain specific solutions (such as the aforementioned retail solution). With features including DevOps and low-code capacity, our platform allows an IT team to quickly develop, modify, and release new services to meet emerging challenges and business needs. In the case of the retail multi-channel scenario, our delivery team can make connecting and managing new channels with unprecedented pace, so that retailers can fully leverage every opportunity to reach new customers.   

With decades of experience in solving customer pain points and bringing value to enterprise customers, Kam and his team leverage the best Alibaba solutions to solve customer problems from design to execution, from operations to business innovation, ultimately enabling a successful digital transformation for customers. We look forward to having you joining this exciting and insightful discussion with us!