Juan Astete Urrutia (Chile), Commercial Director at Brink’s /

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Juan Astete Urrutia is a Machine Engineer, with a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management, Material Logistics Management and the Supply Chain at Zaragoza Logistics Center; and MBA in Business Administration and Management at IE Business School, Madrid. Before taking over as Commercial Director at Brink’s, Astete served as New Business Director at the same company, preceded by serving as Corporate Business Manager at Logística Linsa S.A.

The Commercial Director of Brink’s, has participated leading numerous instances of product development and new innovative technological approaches associated with safe logistics solutions for the transfer and management of values. In addition, Astete is part of the work groups where all the innovative solutions of Brink’s Inc for the Industry are promoted.

He has vast experience in Business and Innovation, promoting technological developments at the country level, where solutions for currency shortages and online solutions for corporate travel expenses stand out, as well as solutions for cash flow management for companies and logistics traceability.


As Commercial Director of the Brink’s company, he indicated that among his challenges are “introducing solutions to the national market that contribute to society, guaranteeing that the entire national territory has access to cash, including in disaster or emergency situations.”

For Astete, these points are included as priorities in the work agenda and which also contemplates other challenges that are “related to the commitment to innovation and commitment to Chile and its customers through a safe service, with recognized and endorsed protocols. internationally. Our main priority is our customers. We work assuming the risk involved in managing their values ​​and, at the same time, we seek solutions to problems such as the transfer of pensions or technology, with a service of the same level that has characterized Brink’s in its extensive history.”


Brink’s Complete: The innovative way to digitize cash for businesses.

The solution called Brink’s Complete allows the installation of an intelligent box in the back of the customer’s premises to deposit the cash, which is then withdrawn by the company’s transport service.

With the purpose of digitizing the cash management of companies with low collection per branch or store, Brink’s developed an innovative solution called Brink’s Complete that seeks to be an aid for cash management in an easy, fast and safe way.

Specifically, this solution consists of depositing the money collected during the day in a smart box enabled in the store, which is later deposited in the bank account of the company or business, digitizing in less than 24 hours the cash from the sales of the day.
For this process, it is necessary to deposit the money in the smart box that has a barcode reader and enter the amount of cash deposited in an envelope using the 24Seven application, developed by Brink’s. This allows you to manage the money deposited and digitized in the smart box from any computer or smartphone 24 hours a day.

Although this solution is new in Chile, it has been used in the northern hemisphere for more than a year as a way to easily and cheaply automate cash management. “In other countries we have had very good results, especially with retail businesses that needed a solution to easily, quickly and securely digitize the money collected before the end of the day.”

Another advantage of Brink’s Complete is that it is not only a solution to digitize what is collected, but it also enables the acceleration of liquidity since many businesses will have the money in their accounts faster, reducing the risk of having to deposit it .

This allows customers to focus more time on business management, thanks to this “intelligent box” that can be installed in the same company or business, so the deposit can be made without leaving the store since Brink’s takes care of it. of his retirement.

“We are sure that this solution developed by Brink’s for commerce and medium and small businesses will be a contribution in Chile since it is not only a solution that will help manage cash, but also contributes to streamline business management and that it eliminates the risk of the employees since they will no longer have to go out to make deposits to the Bank”.

After this introduction, there is a live demonstration of the product, accompanied by multimedia and Brink’s devices, in which the Brink’s Speaker (Juan Astete) will be accompanied by Pamela Reutter (Brink’s Sales Manager) to perform a dynamic with the audience.