Jaime Pradenas (Chile), Senior Blockchain Product Manager AUNA /

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Industrial civil engineer, master in finance and diploma in digital strategies with more than 7 years of experience working in the development of products and new digital businesses in the Santiago Stock Exchange. Currently in charge of proposing and implementing the AUNA Blockchain strategy, a joint innovation initiative between the Santiago Stock Exchange, the Central Securities Depository and GTD Teleductos for the development of an ecosystem of solutions based on blockchain technology, through its platform for the Devops of applications. Jaime has been a speaker at multiple national and international conferences related to blockchain, including the Hyperledger Global Forum 2020 in Phoenix Arizona and Fintech Tour Saudi Arabia 2021 under the title of Defi the Future of Finance.


Driving the new digital economy through blockchain with AUNA.

Blockchain se ha transformado en una tecnología de la que todos hablan, pero pocas empresas realmente aplican. En la presentación de AUNA Blockchain se darán a conocer casos de uso implementados en Chile y oportunidades de nuevos negocios basados en tokens y mejoras en procesos para empresas que te ayudarán a entender mejor los beneficios de esta tecnología.