Herwin Cajamarca (CHILE), Engineer Manager IFX Networks. /

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Herwin Cajamarca is a Business Engineering Manager at IFX Networks Chile, a leading multinational managed service provider. Herwin has more than 20 years of experience as a telecommunications and technology solutions advisor for leading companies in the region and has even been a speaker at different seminars and expositions such as the 4th America Digital Congress.

IFX Networks is a leading multinational company with more than 22 years of experience providing IT solutions in America, including the USA, Colombia, Argentina, and Chile. It provides the largest connectivity network and has the largest public-private cloud in the region. IFX Networks is here to help you launch your brand with its robust structure and be your local and regional technology and telecommunications partner.


  • In a world of constant change, will people be able to keep up with technology’s rapid pace?

During a time that has been defined by sudden changes and significant technological progress, it is vital to focus on the future and develop new skills to be leaders of our own potential. This will be fundamental to protect our mental health and maintain both our self-awareness and connection to our surroundings.