Héctor Cárdenas (México), CEO y cofounder of Conekta /



Héctor is the co-founder and CEO of Conekta, a Mexican payments platform that develops technology to enable the digital economy. Conekta’s team works with the purpose of creating an economy that includes and benefits everyone. Almost 7,000 Mexican companies process payments with Conekta, and millions of people have access to what they need online through Conekta’s technology.

Prior to founding Conekta Hector worked for Kroll Computer Systems, Toyota, General Motors and Linamar. He was selected as an Endeavor entrepreneur in 2018. Hector is a Mechatronics Engineer from the University of Waterloo, in Canada, where he met fellow co-founders Leo Fischer and Cristina Randall.


Generation zero: from radical innovation to digital transformation

In 2012, the first generation of Mexican startups began changing the rules of tech innovation in the region.

During this conference, Héctor Cárdenas, CEO and cofounder of Conekta, the Mexican startup that pioneer in online payments, will share how the fintech boom that is underway in Latin America was boosted by the radical innovation that stemmed from generation zero and that has transformed into unique e-commerce ecosystems that are setting the pace for the fintech sector worldwide.

The session will also touch upon how radical innovation in the online payments sector represents unprecedented opportunities for growth for the companies selling online in Latin America.