Gerardo Sumano (ARGENTINA), Product Account Manager, LATAM Enterprise BMC /

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As Product Account Manager at BMC Software, Gerardo has the mission to help the costumer journey solving their business needs with technology support.

With experience in others companies, as CA Technologies and Microsoft, Gerardo has background across various business sectors, including telco, public sector, financial services, retail and CPG.


ServiceOps: Complexity and innovation struggle to exist

What are the business needs/problems that make Digital Transformation and its management important?

Customer service and satisfaction as a differentiator The pandemic has been a catalyst for digital transformation.

Migration of clients, consumers and organizations to digital channels Changing the expectations of users and consumers about the use of the digital channel 70% of the population of Latin America has a cell line 60%+ is internet penetration in Latin America

​​ ServiceOps provides a unified environment for service management and operations management, to support both traditional IT and modern DevOps initiatives.