GERARDO BONILLA, Chief Revenue Officer DOCK /

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Gerardo Bonilla is Chief Revenue Officer of Dock, where he oversees the company’s business development, sales and strategic partnership grow and international operations. Gerardo’s 20+ year history in the payments space and experience propelling corporate growth are critical to Dock’s long-term vision of becoming the leading innovator in financial technology across all of Latin America.   

Gerardo’s passion for payments has been apparent throughout his career. Prior to Dock, Gerardo was co-founder and president of one of the largest payments technology platforms in Mexico and the first of its kind in the region. He started his fintech career by founding El Camino Transferencias Inc., a remittance company based in San Diego, California.  Over the course of a decade as CEO, he expanded the company to operate in 13 U.S. states and over 16 destination countries.  

Dedicated to financial inclusion, Gerardo is an advocate for technology as a source for increased access to financial services and education. He’s a natural born entrepreneur with business experience in the U.S., Mexico and greater Latin America. 

Gerardo earned his Bachelor of Law degree from Universidad Anáhuac and is certified in AML by the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists. He currently resides in Mexico City with his wife and children.


The technological generation in digital means of payment

As cash becomes more obsolete and the acceptance of electronic transactions grows, businesses and consumers are demanding faster, more secure and more convenient payment methods, and the benefits of digital payments are many.

In this presentation we will talk about the new technological generations that Dock offers to companies to obtain a digital payment in record time.