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Eyal Sivan is the Head of Open Banking at Axway, where he is responsible for positioning Axway as the number one thought leader and integration solution provider in the open banking space. As a member of the elite Catalyst team, he brings a high degree of specialization in API and microservices technologies within the FSI sector, with a particular focus on how they accelerate digital transformation.

Eyal Sivan has forged the path to becoming one of the key influencers in the global open banking community, as well as an active technology practitioner and central participant in regulatory efforts. Eyal is committed to helping open banking grow and evolve by bringing together stakeholders covering every facet and every region. 

As part of his 30 years in IT, Eyal led the API practice at major Canadian bank CIBC for 15 years. While there, he won their first ever hackathon in 2015 based on open banking concepts, and was the Product Owner of the API Foundation, a microservices-based API platform recognized with a Celent Model Bank Award in 2019. Since leaving CIBC, Eyal has dedicated his career to driving advancements in open banking around the world.  

In 2020, Eyal created the unique personal brand Mr. Open Banking. Under this name, Eyal hosts the only podcast dedicated to the open banking community, where he interviews the key leaders, innovators and regulators who are driving and shaping the global emergence of open banking, open finance and open data. As Mr. Open Banking, Eyal participates in conferences, events and webinars on a frequent basis, reaching audiences across a wide variety of regions and specializations. The show itself has now become one of the most well-known open banking voices around the world, reaching almost 30,000 listeners across every major continent. 


API Economy and Open Banking

Open banking has already proven that a strong standard acting as a base can lead to explosive innovation, increased competition, and a modernized financial market. To those building the APIs that power open banking, understand that you are building the future. The APIs you build will form the digital economy’s roads and bridges, the bedrock of the 21st century. Your APIs will control how all of us trade, save, and invest to build ourselves better lives. 

As Head of Open Banking at Axway, Eyal led a team to design and develop Axway Open Banking, a complete, cohesive open banking solution that helps banks quickly consume and publish open banking APIs, with a particular focus on treating third-party developers like real customers. The solution was successfully implemented by Brazilian banks to accelerate their compliance, leading to all being fully certified for based on Axway Open Banking.  Although there was a regulatory mandate, Eyal has looked beyond compliance to show the banks how to find real-world business opportunities to grow their business and provide banking services to communities who were previously unbanked.