Esther Riveroll (México), Founder and CEO Alldatum Business /

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More than twenty years of professional sales experience in the information technology and marketing solutions industry, Esther evolved professionally founding her own company in 2016.

Alldatum Business “The data highway experts”, is a Mexican Company with a presence in Latin America and business partner of Tibco (formerly Orchestra Networks), Karma Pulse and Loqate.

Before founding Alldatum, Esther worked as Vice President of Innovation at SAP driving mobility solutions, cloud solutions, databases and technology, analytics, and line-of-business applications to market. She was responsible for Sybase’s integration with SAP on her role as CEO,
she worked at Oracle and IBM and Informatica LLC in different roles.

Esther writes articles of current Digital Transformation topics in different media such as Forbes Central America owning her own column the “Digital Zone” section. Esther has a professional degree on Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences from UNAM. She has a master’s
degree in Project Management from the Online Business School in Barcelona. She studied at the IBM Palisades School of Administration in New York and at the INCAE Business School in Costa Rica as part of the Executive Development Program.


The fourth element of digital transformation: The path to a sustainable digital strategy

Digital transformation is a reality. Both companies and people are facing digitization in all aspects of our lives. Organizations have seen the need to adopt new processes, business models, tools to continue existing and live in this world that is increasingly more connected.

A digital transformation strategy must not only consider the three known elements that are people, processes and technology. To be successful in its implementation, you must also consider a fourth element, which are the external factors around the company, to make the best decision on the path to follow in this process towards the path of digitalization.