Emanuel Di Matteo (Brasil), General Manager Latam, LIFERAY /
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  • General Manager of Liferay Latin America. Graduated in Computer Science with an MBA in Project Management, he has held leadership positions in business for the last 9 years, when he assumed the position of General Manager of Liferay in Latin America. In recent years, he has developed a particular interest in managing high-performance teams with a focus on leadership, with execution as one of the fundamental pillars.

  • Role of the CIO: IT as a lever for business

    Companies want to innovate, bring the disruptive, the new. Thousands of tools and technologies are available, but… are you getting the basics right?

    What is the real role of an IT leader today? Are they looking to implement all that disruptive innovation or are they still trying to make IT projects work? On the one hand, CIOs face a huge challenge, and on the other, there is a long way to go. Today, the role and the great objective of the CIO is to convince the board of directors that IT must be a strategic area and not simply an operational one. How to reposition IT to make it more relevant to organizations? And even more, will the IT area be the engine to reinvent business?