Dino Besomi (Chile), Director Advisory Mambu for Latam /

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Former consultant in the two leading global strategic consulting companies, BCG and McKinsey, serving Financial Services institutions in Latin America and Europe (+15 countries) on technology and innovation issues. Recently CTO for an insurance company (8,500 employees), leading a 30% increase in EBITDA


Recession ahead? Don’t just survive it – thrive in it

Recessions are inevitable in any economy – local, regional or global. They can lurk on the horizon or pop up unexpectedly as was the case with the pandemic. No matter how it strikes, a recession – defined by an economic contraction extending by at least two consecutive quarters – can often be painful poundings that bruise businesses and their demands for financial services.

Technology is changing all that by making financial services a more bottom-up driven industry.

No matter what happens to the global economy in a storm fueled by the pandemic, wars, supply-chain snarls and the need to do some inventory housekeeping, demand for technology and digital banking isn’t going away.

Join us for a session with Dino Besomi – Director Advisory Mambu for Latam in a conversation that will spark the way you view recession!