Diego Creel (Mexico), Senior Vice President of Incode Mexico and LATAM /

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Diego began his career in the corporate world working in global institutions such as UBS Investment Bank and Cemex, focusing mainly on M&A and strategic planning. For the last 12 years he has been “all in” as an entrepreneur, taking center stage in the ntech revolution in Mexico. He was awarded as Entrepreneur Analyst of the Year by E&Y Mexico in 2012, has participated as a panelist/mentor for Endeavor and is a member of the board of directors of various startups. Before joining Incode, Diego collaborated as the co-founder and CEO of Creze.

He currently serves as Senior Vice President of Incode Mexico and LATAM, helping drive the rapid Growth of the company.


The future of digital identity in various industries

The accelerated digitization of the world and business has created challenges and opportunities for different industries and markets, even more so for those who put the satisfaction and safety of their customers, suppliers, partners or consumers at the center. In this context, digital identity verification technology has played a very relevant role for the connectivity, efficiency and authentication of various processes, ranging from account opening to remote electronic voting. Diego Creel, general director of Incode in Mexico, will talk about how identity verification technology has become a fundamental piece for the growth and transformation of various sectors, such as banking, hotel, hospitality and entertainment, highlighting the advantages, applications and special emphasis on privacy and protection of personal data.