Daniel Sepúlveda (Colombia), LATAM Cybersecurity Manager, Darktrace /

Daniel Sepúlveda is Cybersecurity Manager at Darktrace, a world leader in cybersecurity AI. Based in Colombia, he leads projects at leading organizations in a variety of industries, from financial institutions to private equity, to implement and operationalize cutting-edge technologies.

Daniel has more than ten years of experience in the technology industry and has worked for the entire Latin American region on cybersecurity, commercial and customer experience issues. Daniel is a computer engineer from the Antioquia School of Engineering and currently specializes in corporate cybersecurity technologies.


How to Win the Cyber ​​War with Self-Learning AI

Every day our organizations become more vulnerable to complex and stealthy cyberattacks. Security teams often lack the ability to intervene quickly enough to prevent technological, monetary, and reputational damage to the organization. Learn how Self-Learning AI detects ongoing cyberattacks and how Autonomous Response takes targeted action to stop them quickly and agilely, without disrupting your business.