Daniel Cadenas (USA), Sr. Solutions Engineer COUCHBASE /


Daniel is a Computer Engineer, with more than 20 years in the data area. He has worked in several countries, both Latin America and North America, Canada and the United States. His specializations are databases, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Big Data. Daniel handles all aspects of the Data Warehouse lifecycle, including requirements gathering, dimensional data design and modeling, and implementation. He is also a data integration system specialist with high knowledge in technologies such as Snowflake, Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, relational databases and NoSQL such as Couchbase. Daniel holds Cloudera Hadoop, Google Cloud Data Engineer, Amazon Cloud Practitioner, and Databricks Associate for Spark certifications. Daniel also holds an MBA from Florida International University (FIU).


Using Operational Efficiency and Reduced Deployment Costs to Fight Inflation

How can a database help fight inflation? The answer is to make efficiency improvements in the database that outpace inflation.

Couchbase’s in-memory performance is already known to help everything run fast and efficiently, as are our JSON foundation, multi-model data access flexibility, and the offline-first mobile innovations, but what can these features do to help fight inflation?

In this session we will answer these questions. We will show you how a database can help fight inflation and drive down your cost of ownership. In this session we will go over:

How Couchbase Server 7.1 has over 30 new features and makes great strides in performance, capacity, and analytics efficiency

  • How these features make your data more robust and secure along with fighting the rising costs of inflation
  • How Couchbase extends support for simultaneous operational and analytic workloads
  • Why Couchbase Capella is the leading cloud product to battle the ever-growing costs of business