Chester Wisniewski (Vancouver, Canadá) Sophos, Principal Research Scientist in the Office of the CTO /

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He has been involved in the information security space since the late 1980s. He is currently a Principal Research Scientist in the Office of the CTO. Chet divides his time between research, public speaking, writing and attempting to communicate the complexities of security to the press and public in a way they can understand. Chester has spoken at RSA, InfoSec Europe, LISA, USENIX, Virus Bulletin and many Security BSides events around the world in addition to regularly consulting with NPR, CNN, CBC, The New York Times and other media outlets.

Premeditated Ransomware: How SamSam is paving the way for custom malware and insane profits.

Sometimes it seems no bad deed goes unrewarded. Criminals are continually adopting techniques from more skilled hackers higher up the food chain. The criminal(s) behind SamSam are no different, utilizing advanced tactics combining custom malware, lateral movement and sabotage to extort victims for tens of thousands of dollars each. This talk will cover the evolution of ransomware and what it may teach other criminals about increasing their profits and successfully evading detection. Chester will also discuss the most effective techniques for defending against SamSam and other advanced malware attacks we are likely to see more of in the coming months.