Cesar Castillo (Colombia), Specialist Online Fraud Detection COBIS Topaz /

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Throughout my career, I have helped organizations understand the threats and challenges of cyberspace, establish protection objectives and measures to minimize their risks and promote preventive monitoring controls, manage and respond to incidents and security problems before or in the exact moment in which they materialize. Electronic Engineer, Master in Law, Economics and Management – Mention in computer methods applied to Business Management with a Specialty in Information Systems Engineering and Decision Support from the Sorbonne Paris XII University. More than 15 years of experience dealing with security incidents and problems, analyzing risks and developing protection strategies.


The challenge against Fraud: how to build a secure digital ecosystem?

The digital channel has become the default means of purchase, establishing long-lasting and more defined transactional behaviors since the second half of 2020, which has been accompanied by an exponential growth in risks, both in number, as well as in their prevalence and disruptive potential.

In Latin America, Digital fraud has experienced an exponential increase in recent years, which has forced us to face an infinity of security challenges, seeking to prevent online fraud effectively and adopting appropriate and sufficient control measures, aimed at preventing the performance of digital operations by citizens from being used as an instrument of criminal conduct.