Alfonso Cuadra (Chile), CEO and Co-founder Rindegastos /

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Alfonso is CEO and co-founder of Rindegastos, the leading Chilean company in the digitalization of the process of surrenders, verifications and legalization of expenses in the region. Today, 9 out of 10 companies use excel templates and keep physical receipts to be able to reimburse day-to-day operational expenses. The Rindegastos team works with the purpose of creating a 100% digital ecosystem that allows users, not only to carry out the process easily and quickly, but also to help the environment by completely eliminating the use of paper.

Alfonso studied Commercial Engineering at the Adolfo Ibáñez University in Chile, has a master’s degree in Marketing and today leads Rindegastos with the vision of democratizing digital transformation and reaching all corners of Latin America.


Challenges in regional expansion: how to successfully open a new market?

Rindegastos was born in 2015, has more than 2,500 clients throughout Latin America and commercial offices in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico. During the conference, Alfonso will share what were the main learnings and good practices achieved in internationalizing a B2B SaaS company and seeking to position themselves as leaders within a country.

The session will address issues of strategy, sales, culture and marketing. The focus is to talk about how we can enter a market and leave a successful operation in a matter of months.