Carlos Perea (México), Senior VP LATAM Cradlepoint /

#DigitalTransformation #BusinessAthlete

Carlos Perea is a proven expert in business digital transformation and international expansion, leading and developing business environments with constant high growth, innovation and change. Purpose-driven business leader with extensive international leadership/management/coaching experience. Multilingual-multicultural expert in global high-tech corporations and start-ups, with a focus on aggressive expansions in key markets in LATAM. He takes advantage of the “athlete mentality” of endurance sports as part of his Business Athletes framework developed through +20 Ironman races, +10 marathons and 7 high road cycling events in his style of training and leadership.


Wireless connectivity as a powerful catalyst for the growth and development of LATAM.

Many companies and industries in LATAM have been transforming rapidly, some due to COVID-19 but others due to changes in consumer and employee behaviors, markets and supply chains. This transformation is putting a lot of pressure on companies that need to transform to face the challenges of today, but that will have to transform again in two or three years without knowing what the future will look like, all this accelerated with the availability of 5G in the region. Cradlepoint has surveyed CIOs, CTOs and Chief Product Officers from around the world and their number one concern is change.

They know that if they don’t take advantage of the change and embrace it, they will be left behind. Cradlepoint offers businesses the flexibility and agility to support change, both immediate and future. Companies need to build an agile technology stack. With mobile technology, customers have wireless connectivity and agility, which are essential tools in today’s market. We also enable our clients to reach their employees or customers wherever they are, which could be what a company needs to open a temporary location or expand its business globally. In any case, companies need connectivity. The concepts of reach and agility are crucial as they give our clients the freedom to change today and adapt to future changes. Cradlepoint offers a horizontal solution that will ultimately support almost every industry. Almost every industry needs some form of Internet connectivity.