Camilo Alvarez Cardenas, Fraud Manager-Emailage LexiNexis Risk Solutions Company /


Economist and Business Administrator. He has worked in the e-commerce, E-payments and anti-fraud sectors for the last 10 years. Within his trajectory, you can find the internationalization and fusion of different technologies and transactional security tools, the structuring of fraud prevention strategies and the construction of transactional models for companies from different sectors in the region. Today he works as Fraud Manager of Emailage LexiNexis Risk Solutions Company, for South America, leading the consolidation of business networks, good practices and information flows for the creation of secure digital ecosystems.


The Super Apps new world and the right anti-fraud strategy.

The new digital revolution. How Super Apps are changing the digital world and anti-fraud logic. Transactional security strategies and tools to not be left behind.