Cameron Holden (Miami, EE.UU.) PortaOne, Business Development Executive /

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Cameron has over 25 years of experience in the communications industry spanning Telecom, Datacom, IT and Digital Transformation. Cameron is an Electrical Engineer by Education (B. Sc. EE) and began his career in Software Development before working in the field as a Systems and Network Engineer. He helped architect and build networks all over the world including the Latin America and Caribbean regions. He turned up some of the first wireless networks in Colombia and Brazil. Cameron has seen first hand how technology improves people’s lives and is passionate about helping Communication Services Providers (CSP’s) use technology to bring digital services to market.

Cameron’s career evolved from hands on engineering to roles in Sales and Marketing, Key Account and Executive Level Management. Most recently, Cameron’s focus is as a Business Development and Account Executive. He enjoys assisting CSP’s drive ROI through the use of technology by increasing top line growth and reducing bottom line operational costs. Cameron is currently a Business Development Executive at PortaOne, and before that his experience includes time with Oracle, Redknee, Nortel, CGI and Xerox.

CSP / DSP – The Heart of Digital Service Delivery

Technological evolution is all around us and the pace of development and change is accelerating.  Digital transformation represents both a large risk and a tremendous opportunity as companies evaluate disruptive new business models, competitive pressures and differentiators.

The network is the heart of the enablement of Digital Services, and CSP’s are the network.  As a CSP you need to be able to monetize all of the services that your customers require today as well as the new digital services of tomorrow.  Legacy services are well understood, however investments in areas such as Smart Cities, IOT and and 5G open up new opportunities.  To capitalize on these new opportunities, you need flexible solutions to rapidly launch and monetize new digital services while providing a superior customer experience and without disrupting existing service monetization.  The future of these new services and opportunities is still unfolding.  But a successful CSP / DSP will need to be responsive to their customers, adaptable to their specific market demands and will need to be fast.  Let’s talk.